What is Streaming TV?

Streaming is a method of transmitting or receiving data in a continuous flow through a network connection. The streaming TV service, offered by different providers, uses this model of digital distribution to deliver television content, such as movies, series, and TV shows.


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Growing Popularity

Also known as online TV, the streaming television technology changed dramatically after the launch of online video platforms as YouTube (2005). This video sharing website co-created by Jawed Karim inspired not only users to share audiovisual content on the internet, but also the traditional television industry became each day more aware of the digital and online domain in the entertainment market.

In the same year, the giant Apple started to offer content in iTunes service. In 2006, Amazon Unbox (or Amazon Video, after 2016) was created as an online alternative for the companies’ services. In the next year, another launch that would transform the streaming status came to form Netflix was originally a website made for DVD rentals and sales, and in 2007 the streaming services started to be part of the services.

According to eMarketer, about one in four American houses in the mid 2010 had a smart TV device. With the spread of this type of TVs after 2010, which can run lots of streaming platforms, many houses all around the world discovered this type of TV service as an alternative that deliver a much wider catalog of contents. Also, the pricing can be interesting considering that a sizable part of customers already has a broadband inside their houses.

Anyhow, even without a smart TV device in hand, users can play streaming TV. By using a player like Apple TV (2007), Roku (2008) or Amazon Fire (2014). Even more, after the streaming took the internet and the television places, it also rapidly evolved to the mobile. Therefore, many new applications were designed to fit this system.
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Streaming TV Advantages

Users tend to rely on this kind of internet service for its mobility, low pricing, variety of content and the possibility of watching videos in excellent quality in a fast way, depending on your broadband’s bandwidth and speeds. Also, many of the younger generation’s users tend to consume this type of service due to its original show’s reproduction and creation. Streaming content reaches not only those who look for a bigger volume of titles, but also for those who want to keep up with the newest productions available in the market. TV series that are exclusive in the streaming platforms are big highlights for clients, and the possibility to watch them on the go when new episodes are released, or even on demand, is a differential for the service.
boy and girl communicating over the internet
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