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About Massachusetts State

Located in the New England region of the U. S, it is the most populous state of the whole country. Massachusetts borders important locations such as the Atlantic Ocean to the east and New York to the west.

Boston is the State’s capital and also the most populous city in the region. The capital is part of the Greater Boston metropolitan area, known be concentrate about 80% of Massachusetts residents and be a remarkable place to the American timeline in History, Education and Industry fields.

Greater Boston area crosses both Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island, forming an important division on the country’s Northeast. This area can be described as an urbanized one, as it is part of the most populous megalopolis national wide, named Bos-wash or Northeast megalopolis and counting with about 50 million residents.

During the Industrial Revolution, it was a manufacturing center, but throughout the 20th century, services became a high point in this state’s activities. Higher education, Finance, Maritime trade, Biotechnology, Engineering and Medical Institutions are currently some of the main areas that highly contribute to the economic growth and dynamics in Massachusetts State. Not by coincidence, these are also areas in which Massachusetts is considered a global leader.

Even being the 7th smallest states in the country, the states have remarkable presence. Some of the oldest and most worldly famous higher learning institutions that are located in this state are: Hardvard University, Harvard Law School and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Some political decisions made in this state are also highly relevant to the global scenario. For example, the first state in the U.S. to legalize the same-sex marriage was Massachusetts, which also voted in favor of Marijuana Legalization Initiative in 2016.

Most Popular Providers in MA

In all the Colorado territory, there are about 126 internet providers offering services. Cable, DSL, Fiber and Satellite internet technologies can be found there. Residents can count on good service providers with a considerable diversity of offerings.

The companies usually offer bundles, which can combine 2 or more services such as TV, Phone, Mobile and other. Often, bundle offers include special benefits for clients such as lower pricing and other advantages.

Here is a glance of the current best internet options in Massachusetts State, considering how popular the providers working in this area. Check some of the most reliable brands and types of connection in the Colorado market and how they are distributed through all the territory:










Internet Connection in MA

Comparing the Massachusetts State to all the other states and districts in U.S. territory, the Coloradan broadband access quality is in a distinctive position. It is the 9th in the state broadband access ranking, coming on the 10 top states list for this indicator. In addition to that, the state has good parameters for fast internet services. A broadband is the network that can deliver 25 Mbps speeds or faster. In the State, 97% of residents’ locations are covered by a broadband, when, national wide, this number drops to 79%.

However, as in every single state in the country, there is still and digital divide, meaning there are regions in which the internet access is still problematic. Although, the connectivity in there is not bad.

43.3% of residents in Massachusetts can access low-priced internet plans (60$ or less per month). Comparing to the same estimate for the whole country, which is 51.1%, costumers in the MA market are in advantage.

Internet Speeds by City

Check out the 5 top cities with the fastest internet connections!

In general, Massachusetts residents count on the statewide average download speed of 188.2 Mbps. This is a higher pattern than estimated in the top-ranking state in the US for speeds, which is New Jersey. Overall, the access for high speed’s levels is:
  • 97.4% have access to 100 Mbps or faster speeds.
  • 11.5% have access to 1 gigabit speeds.

Internet Speeds by City

Check out the 5 top cities with the fastest internet connections!

1. Boston
133.3 MBPS
2. Worcester
55.6 MBPS
3. Springfield
147.7 MBPS
4. Lowell
123.8 MBPS
5. Cambridge
121.4 MBPS

Types of Internet

The main types of network connections are fairly distributed throughout the state, configurating the scenario below:

99% Cable

93% DSL

39% Fiber Optic

22% Satellite

Best Cities to Connect

According to the US News, and considering indicators of access (48th) and subscriptions per speeds, although this State is 9th in terms of broadband subscription rate, it is also coming in the 31st position of the best places in terms of internet accessibility.

Even if there is not a plenty distribution by city, as it happens almost anywhere in the connected world today, there are lots of Massachusetts residents enjoying faster and better internet services than the market averages by far. A lot of them use 1 gigabit or faster internet connections.

See below some of the cities that have an exceptional performance in connectivity in CO, as they have the highest indicator including price, speeds and internet coverage levels.
massachusetts state
  • Concord
  • Northborough
  • Melrose
  • Boston
  • Springfield
In terms of general average speeds in Colorado, some of the fastest cities – and their respective averages in Mbps– would be the following.
  • Westwood (39 Mbps)
  • Winchendon (34 Mbps)
  • Grafton (34 Mbps)
  • North Grafton (32 Mbps)

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