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About the State of Oklahoma

Located in the Mid-Atlantic ad Northeastern regions of the United States of America, this state is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the south and by the states of New York and Pennsylvania. It is the 4th smallest and the 11th most populous state, which also makes it the most densely populated of the 50 U. S’s states as of 2020.

Trenton is New Jersey’s capital city, and Newark is the most populous city of the state. All of the New Jerseyan counties belong to the combined statistical area of New York City and Philadelphia, with the exception of the Warren County. Therefore, Greater New York is the largest metro in this state.

The proximity with these two major urban centers has put this state as a highly important economic machine in the industrial development along the history, besides its small territory dimensions.

New Jersey is known as a great place for vacationers, with a mature industry of tourism and transportation. Besides, the gambling sector is also an attraction of this state for visitors, along with many beaches, forests and mountain resorts.

The state’s economy is an affluent one. The largest industries there include financial services, advanced manufacturing, information technology, pharmaceuticals and life sciences, transportation and logistics.

The public educational system of New Jersey ranks as one of best of the 50 states of the country. Also, this state was classified as the second-wealthiest of the U.S. according to the median household income data from the Census (2017).

Most Popular Providers in OK

In this state, about 66 internet service providers or carriers are currently offering internet connections for consumers. The type of internet connection will vary depending on the location the company availability. For example, Cable, DSL, Fiber and Satellite networks can be offered for residential or business plans.

In general, and comparing this state’s broadband market data to the other American States it is reasonable to affirm that Oklahoma is in an average position. It ranks as the 26th state in the overall internet access ranking of the U.S., in other words.

This ranking considers factors such as broadband services availability, quality, affordability, speeds levels, digital divide and other important indicators of the internet structure and market in each place.

AT&T, CenturyLink, Frontier Communications, Suddenlink, Cox Communications, Windstream, EarthLink and HughesNet are the most popular providers in the Oklahoman state. These are also the strongest brands in the internet market in terms of competitiveness.

Now check out the coverage rates of some of these internet service providers in the Sooner State:

DSL and Fiber Internet






DSL and Fiber Internet



Cable Internet



Cable Internet



Internet Connection in OK

57.8% of the Oklahoman State’s territory is covered by a broadband service, that means, by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) definition, internet with speeds of at least 25 Mbps for download and 3 Mbps for upload.

52.5% of residents there can have access to an affordable internet plan, which is a higher rate than the national average. Low-cost internet plans are those costing $60 or less per month.

The lack of better coverage and accessible pricing practices in the internet market of Oklahoma can be read, overall, as a reflection of the concentration of this technology investment in the bigger cities and regions of the state.

Internet Speeds by City

Check out the 5 top cities with the fastest internet connections!

In Oklahoma, the average speed state widely is 104.1 Mbps, and some of the companies offering high-speed internet services would be Spectrum and CenturyLink. See how internet speeds are distributed there:
  • 80.7% have access to wired broadband with 25 Mbps speeds or more.
  • 78.1% have access to 100 Mbps or more.
  • 68.9% have access to 1 gigabit speeds.

Internet Speeds by City

Check out the 5 top cities with the fastest internet connections!

1. Oklahoma City
136.9 MBPS
2. Tulsa
151.7 MBPS
3. Edmond
148.1 MBPS
4. Broken Arrow
118.0 MBPS
5. Norman
137.8 MBPS

Types of Internet

The main types of network connections are fairly distributed throughout the state, configurating the scenario below:

72% Cable

81% DSL

25% Fiber Optic

86% Satellite

Best Cities to Connect

According to information released by the US News, and considering access and subscriptions per speeds, data, Oklahoma is in 35th position of the States ranking when it comes to internet services’ accessibility.

This research include data that shows that this state is the 40th is in the position when it comes to broadband subscription rate in comparison with the other American States and in 20th in terms of access to gigabit internet.

Now see below the best 6 cities in this state that shows the highest internet service providers coverage (and their respective availability averages):
  • Jenks 100%
  • Colbert 100%
  • Johnston 100%
  • Hinton 99.90%
  • Newcastle 99.80%
  • Washington 99.70%
  • Owasso 99.60%
Still in terms of general average speeds in Oklahoma, and comparing all the locations in the territory, some other 4 fast cities, and their respective average in Mbps are:
  • Miami (38)
  • Altus (34)
  • Duncan (33)
  • Ponca City (32)

Best Providers by Activity


Streaming Services

Online Gaming

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