How Does the Fiber Internet Work?

The fiber-optic broadband is brought to houses through glass of plastic wires, also called optic-fiber cables. This type of connection is known as the best choice for residences nowadays, and its popularity is growing.

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What are the Differences Between Fiber and the Other Types of Internet?

Although fiber came after the other wired internet connections (DSL and Cable), fiber can be considered the most reliable type of internet. Also, in terms of the signaling stability this is an excellent choice. Other than that, fiber can be 1000% faster than any other cabled internet. This is the main reason the fiber growing popularity throughout the United States and generally speaking.
This mix of qualities makes this the best choice for customers who look for an internet service that support high data usage, mainly in activities like streaming, programing, using multiple devices simultaneously and gaming online. As the wiring of fiber connection is highly effective and faster than other ones, its wires can also send more data.The only factor that goes against the fiber dominance in the internet market is the complexity and big cost to be installed in the houses. This tends to consume more time and money, mainly to those customers that already have other cable internet system set in their building. The consequence is that the percentage of fiber access in all US territory is close to 32%.

What Are the Fiber Internet Benefits?

  • ✔ Fast Speeds
  • ✔ Low Latency
  • ✔ Reliable and Secure
  • ✔ Supports High Bandwidth Levels
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Fiber Optic Internet Today

In addition to all listed benefits, many fiber connections can deliver symmetric speeds to uploads and downloads. This also differentiate the system, because the other cabled internet connections usually have distinct levels for each.

Phone, hosting and backup systems can integrate easily to fiber optics, which help IT team work in business as its management is gets more efficient. Plus, the fiber system has a higher access to cloud computing, which will ease many managers and user’s lives.
a boy in his desk trying to open an url in the internet

Fiber in the U.S

Although the general availability is still low considering other connections, in Seattle, for example, fiber has a 73.46% coverage rate. Other American cities that have a high fiber availability are:

  • ✔ North Hills, 100.00%
  • ✔ Philadelphia, 95.33%
  • ✔ Tampa, 96.52%
  • ✔ Staten Island, 99.29%
  • ✔ Jersey City, 95.48%
  • ✔ Pittsburgh, 95.09%
  • ✔ Providence, 97.38%
  • ✔ Ontario, 99.67%
  • ✔ Brentwood, 98.90%
  • As the fiber technology industry keeps investing to develop this choice, it tends to be more widely spread and a right hint in the future. As this service is getting more accessible and common each day, competition between providers also increase. This means we can see lower prices and higher availability as the time passes by.

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