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About the Wisconsin State

Located in the east-central region of the United States, Wisconsin is one of the 50 American states. It borders Michigan and Lake Superior to the north, Lake Michigan to the east, Illinois to the south, and Iowa and Minnesota to the west. Until 1763, the region was dominated by the French.

After that period, it was passed to the control of the United Kingdom. In 1783, after the end of the US War of Independence, the Americans finally took control of the territory. The State of Wisconsin was officially created on May 29, 1848.

The state has large lakes, such as Winnebago, which is 557 square kilometers, and several waterfalls. About 48% of its territory is covered by forests. The state has a temperate climate with very cold winters. Summers are usually very hot inland, as in regions close to the Great Lakes temperatures are usually milder.

Wisconsin stands out in agriculture, as it is the largest milk producer in the United States and has the largest cattle herd in the country. However, the profile of its economy has changed over the years. Currently, the sectors that generate the most wealth for the State are financial services and real estate, manufacturing industry and tourism.

Most Popular Providers in WI

If we look to this state’s internet market, it is possible to notice that there are currently about 231 internet companies playing in the overall territory. The connections available are of different types of technologies. The most common are available there, such as cable, DSL (Digital Subscriber Line), and fiber optic systems.

Besides, some of the most popular brands of the United States are offering services for Wisconsinites consumers. The largest providers in this Telecommunication Market are, like AT&T, Spectrum, CenturyLink, Frontier Communications, HughesNet and EarthLink. These are also some of the top providers competitors for internet services sales of this state broadband marketplace.

In the state broadband access ranking, Wisconsin is ranked in the 30th position, which is a relatively average position in comparison to all the 50 states and the federal district of the United States. In general, the state counts with good coverage rates throughout its counties, which are all more than 45% each.

However, as it is still very often in most American states, there is still a digital divide there. This means that the internet technology must be better distributed throughout the overall the state for its citizens, so affordability and accessibility rates can be improved.

See below the main internet providers present in Wisconsin State, considering popularity and highest coverage rates:

DSL and fiber



DSL and fiber



dsl and fiber



Geo Satellite and Satellite



Dsl and fiber



Internet Connection in WI

In overall terms, the internet technology in Wisconsin can be fairly accessed, as coverage is concentrated in the southeast part of the state. Although the download speed of the state is higher than other American states, only 13.4% of this state residents can have access to fiber internet services.

So, by analyzing closer the internet services and how they are distributed and served by companies in the overall territory, there is a digital divide to be fixed, so the broadband connections could be more equally distributed to the state’s citizens.

To illustrate this problem, currently, there are 836.000 people there that can only count with single provider available in their area, and other 173.000 cannot have access to even one internet service provider in their location.

In terms of affordability only, Wisconsin’s internet data is not so positive either, as only 44% of residents currently living there have access to low priced internet plans, which usually cost $60 or less per month. The national average is of 51.5% to this type of service.

Internet Speeds by City

Check out the 5 top cities with the fastest internet connections!

In Ohio, the current general average speed is of 87.4 Mbps, according to online speed tests. See how internet speeds’ levels are distributed there:
  • 88.4% have access to wired broadband with 25 Mbps speeds or more.
  • 86.6% have access to 100 Mbps or more.
  • 19.9% have access to 1 gigabit or ultra-fast speeds.

Internet Speeds by City

Check out the 5 top cities with the fastest internet connections!

1. Milwaukee
129.5 MBPS
2. Madison
110.8 MBPS
3. Green Bay
69.4 MBPS
4. Racine
192.4 MBPS
5. Appleton
99.5 MBPS

Types of Internet

The main types of network connections are fairly distributed throughout the state, configurating the scenario below:

82.7% Cable

90.7% DSL

13.4% Fiber Optic

53% Satellite

Best Cities to Connect

In Wisconsin, most people have access to what the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) defined as a broadband internet service: any connection with at least 25 Mbps download speeds and 3 Mbps upload speeds.

More specifically, the terrestrial coverage in WI for broadband services is of 82.6%. Some of the best cities there in terms of network services, the called “best-connected” ones, are Marquette, Eureka, Lebanon and Mather.

According to the US News, and considering indicators of access and subscriptions per speeds, Wisconsin comes in 49th position of ranking internet access, that consider all the 50 American States.

This research also pointed out that the state is the 46th when it comes to broadband subscription rate and it comes in the 45th in terms of access to gigabit or ultrafast internet, as residents in Wisconsin have a huge average access to this kind of broadband service.

Now, other than the cities we have already mentioned as well connected, see below other cities in this state that shows the highest internet service providers coverage.
  • Milwaukee 100%
  • Racine 100%
  • Brookfield 100%
  • New Berlin 100%
  • Greendale 100%
  • Menomonee Falls 100%
Looking to the general average speeds inside the state’s territory, check some other cities that are considered fast there:
  • New London (30)
  • Genoa City (27)
  • Lake Mills (27)
  • Plover (26)

Best Providers by Activity


Streaming Services

Online Gaming

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