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Alabama state

About Alabama State

Alabama is a Southeastern state of the United States bordered by Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, and the Gulf of Mexico. With a diverse geography, with special mention to its topography, the state is home to the Tennessee Valley and the Mobile Bay port.

Montgomery, which is the birthplace of the Confederate States of America, is the capital of this state, although Birmingham is the largest city there. Back to the 1950s and 60s, Alabama was stage to some of the highest momentums of the Civil Rights Movements, marked by protests racial segregation. Leaders such as Martin Luther King marked this historical period.

In the 21st century, the main activities that define the Alabaman economy are related to the automotive, manufacturing, financial, aerospace, management, mineral extraction, healthcare, education, retail, and technological industries.

Alabama is also known for its nickname “The Heart of Dixie,” due to a Native American that lived in the state. Other nicknames that were given to the region are: the Yellowhammer State and Cotton State.

The storytelling culture is a particular treasure of this state, as the rural traditions marked it timeline. In music, a lot of sacred and gospel productions also are part of the cultural Alabamians symbols. Other than that, the American football, especially at the college level has an important influence on the state’s cultural life.

Most Popular Providers in AL

All over the Alabamian state, about 154 internet service providers currently offer internet connections such as Cable, DSL, Fiber and Satellite services, which is an acceptable number of competitors on the market.

In comparison to all the other states, Alabama still has a good rate internet access, being 88.6% the percentage of residents that can have an advanced network service, which by the Federal Communications (FCC) definition means any broadband with 25 Mbps speeds or faster.

Other than that, speeds, and availability there vary per region throughout the state’s territory. Overall, the most well-connected regions are the east-central part of the state, the southeast and the north.

See above some of the current best internet options in the State, considering the most popular the providers working in this area. Reliable brands and the most common types of connections are distributed through all the territory. Check them out:













Internet Connection in AL

Alabama is the 38th American State in the broadband access ranking, and 72.1% of its terrestrial area is covered by a broadband service. Although the overall performance of internet there is not perfect, as it happens is almost any other place, it is not a bad state to connect.

In fact, it is a territory entirely connected, as most cities have access to internet services. Still, 22.000 of the state’s resident’s do not have a wired connection at home.

44.4% of Alabamians have access to low-priced internet services (plans costing $60 per month), which is above the national average of 51.5%. This means a lot of people there still cannot access afford network technologies. The consequence is that about 162,000 of the state’s residents do not have any wired internet providers serving in their location.

Internet Speeds by City

Check out the 5 top cities with the fastest internet connections!

In terms of internet speeds New Yorkers are in a higher position in comparison to the rest of the country. The providers offering services there currently can sell the fastest speeds available in the market. Typically, fiber optic services are considered the best high-speed broadbands, mostly between New York city residents, who enjoy a 75% fiber availability approximately.

99% of the State’s population have access to 25 Mbps speeds, and the general speed there is of 14 Mpbs. Although, New York city and Brooklyn have higher average speeds, respectively 18 and 22 Mpbs.

In addition to that, an average of 12% of its residents are able to connect to a 1 gigabit network. Columbia, Schuyler, Steuben, Chautauqua, Genesee, Westchester, Suffolk and New York city are some of the cities in which is possible to find this speed.

Overall, there are approximately 65 internet options available in this State, and in New York city, Buffalo, and many other locations in the State it is also possible to find internet options of more than 1 gigabit.

Plus, high speed internet options can be sold singularly or bundled with other services such as TV and Voice plans. Just to have an idea, fiber optic internet is available to an average of 83% of New Yorker City residents. See below the location with the best average of download speeds in the State:

Internet Speeds by City

Check out the 5 top cities with the fastest internet connections!

1. Birmingham
103.2 MBPS
2. Mobile
88.1 MBPS
3. Montgomery
109.7 MBPS
4. Huntsville
109.9 MBPS
5. Tuscaloosa
75.9 MBPS

Types of Internet

The main types of network connections are fairly distributed throughout the state, configurating the scenario below:

81% Cable

83% DSL

12% Fiber Optic

16% Satellite

Best Cities to Connect

In 2019 the Federal Communications Commission estimated that about 20% of American had access to a 1 Gigabit internet, which is an ultra-fast speed. Plus, about 80% of them had access to a high-speed broadband (25 Mbps).

In Alabama State, the prediction applies, as 88.6% of residents can access broadband service and 36.8% of them have access to ultra-fast services (1 gigabit internet).

According to the US News, and considering indicators of access and subscriptions per speeds, Oregon State is in the 13th position of the States ranking in terms of how easy is to access internet services.

The research also pointed out that the state is the 13th in terms of broadband subscription rate in comparison with the other 49 American States and in 45th in terms of access to gigabit internet.

Now see below the best 6 cities in Alabama in terms of internet service providers coverage (and their respective availability averages):
alabama state
  • Jefferson 99.60%
  • Shelby 98.90%
  • Madison 98.00%
  • Montgomery 97.90%
  • Lee 97.40%
  • Marshall 96.50%
Still in terms of general average speeds in Alabama, comparing all the locations in the territory, some other fast cities, and their respective average in Mbps are:
  • Opelika (28)
  • Pleasant Grose (27)
  • Alexander City (26)
  • Albertville (26)

Best Providers by Activity


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