What is Streaming TV?

The satellite TV signal is provided by communication satellites in the sky directly to thousands of client’s houses by a TV system called direct-to-home (DTHTV). These equipment are orbiting in a geostationary zone, which is in an average distance of 23.000 miles away from Earth’s surface. Satellite internet has the larger coverage capacity between all broadband types, considering terrestrial options and cable TV.

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More on Satellite TV

Many people tend to confuse satellite TV with the satellite internet services, which are not the same, especially when it comes to the providers menu of services. While there are many companies that deliver internet via satellite, the number of providers that sell the satellite TV service is often reduced.

Therefore, most of the providers that offer other home services, like internet and phone, will choose to partner up with a company that offers TV via satellite and allow customers to bundle chosen services with this TV option.

Also, many of these satellite TV services include Digital Video Recording (DVR) functionality, that makes available for the client the options to record, rewind and pause live TV across their channel’s packages. Good picture and stereo sound quality are features of this kind of TV as well.

For those who do not wish to install a parabolic antenna in their households to receive the satellite TV signals, there are providers that offer a type of service that is streaming based to do that.
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What Are the Satellite TV Channels?

This type of TV service, also known popularly as sat TV, usually deliver a good variety of channels, including both opened and closed ones. The standard satellite TV will offer a lineup of more or less 200 channels, including HBO and Showtime. Compared to a similar package for Cable TV, it is a more affordable choice with almost the same channel access.

Some of them are free and other are cryptographed, which will ask for a decoding in the reception phase. Gradually, in the last years, the analogical satellite TV started to be replaced for its digital version, which has better quality, especially in the High Definition (HD) form.
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Satellite TV in the U.S

Components of TV via Satellite

Sat TV is made up by 5 fundamental parts:

  • ✔ Programming source
  • ✔ Broadcast center
  • ✔ Communication satellite
  • ✔ Satellite Dish
  • ✔ Receptor
  • Comparing with Cable TV

    In this case, Satellite TV will usually be:

    • ✔ Less stable depending on wheatear conditions
    • ✔ Cheaper option
  • ✔ Higher availability by location (including rural areas)
  • ✔ Less limited bandwidth
  • ✔ Possibility to run 4k
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