How Does the Satellite Internet Work?

The satellite system works on a non-cabled basis and it is known for its ability to send pulses in a rapid way over long distance, therefore, it has a global coverage. The signal is transmitted by communication satellites, which orbits the Earth and can provide high data speeds.

boy is exploring the internet using a satellite connection

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What are the Differences Between Satellite and the Other Types of Internet?

The main distinction of Satellite service is its wide availability, as the signal does not depend on a physical wired structure. Therefore, currently many businesses and residences in rural areas tend to use this kind of connection, as it can be delivered independently of any physical barriers.

In terms of velocity, satellite internet speeds vary from 12–100 Mbps, which is enough speed for common online activities on a common house routine – as emailing, browsing, and online schooling. However, when compared to fiber optics, satellite services will be a lot slower, as its latency is high.

In comparison to the DSL internet, satellite service can be used without the need of a cable phone functioning in the location.

  • ✔ Fast Speeds
  • ✔ Faster than dial up
  • ✔ Low Latency
  • ✔ Reliable and Secure
  • ✔ Supports High Bandwidth Levels
  • a satellite sign is giving internet signals

    Satellite Internet Today

    Satellite connections are promising. Distance learning and health online care are two of many activities that can rely on satellite services to be built up with. As trends changes and routines get more flexible as in working from home model, many people can fulfill the wish to keep more distant from urban centers. With satellite internet capacity to be delivered wherever and whenever it is needed, these two factors are a perfect combination.

    A lot of specialists expect 5G to be the next big choice for rural areas and mobile broadband, but, today, satellite can meet most expectations when it comes to delivering a good network quality in those cases. Specifically, in the internet services, satellite systems improved a lot in 2018. Other than networks, satellites are also used for mobility and streaming applications and has a lot of other uses in society, which are gradually evolving as new companies invest in this technology.
    a satellite sign is giving internet signals

    Satellite Internet in the U.S

    Here are some of the most currently covered locations:

    • ✔ Connecticut
    • ✔ Colorado
  • ✔ California
  • ✔ American Samoa
  • ✔ Arizona
  • ✔ Arkansas
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