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Kansas state

About Kansas State

Topeka is the city capital of this American State located in the Midwestern region of the U.S. Missouri, Nebraska, Colorado, and Oklahoma border the Kansas state, which is also called the Wheat State as this was a significant product to the Kansan economic growth in the 2000s.

Other than that, the official nickname of Kansas is “The Sunflower State”, as this native wild species was earlier documented in expeditions in the territory of the 19th century. The sunflower appears on the state flag and in the Kansas quarter.

The actual name of this state was given in reference to the Kansa Native Americans that lived in the region and after the Kansas River. This state`s territory is in an equidistant point both from the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans, in a very central position of the United States overall territory.

The largest city in Kansas is Wichita and the largest metro area of the state, according to the United States Office of Management and Budget (OMB) is the Kansas City Metropolitan Area. The region, also known as Kansas City MO-KS is formed by 14 counties that are a mix of both Missouri and Kansas States. Business enterprises that are located there include AT&T Communications, General Motors, T-Mobile, and Harley-Davidson.

In general, it is home to very flat or horizontal lands, being also the 15th largest state by territorial area in all the U.S and the 34th most populous of all the 50 states. Tree climates are encountered in this area, the humid continental, the semi-arid stepped and the humid subtropical.

Most of the state`s territory is used in the agricultural field. Cattle, sheep, wheat, sorghum, cotton, corn, hogs, salt, and soybean are the most important productions. Other affluent sectors include planes, military activities, and energy.

Most Popular Providers in KS

The Kansan internet market is currently home to about 226 wired internet companies that are offering plans to the state’s residents. These connections include distinct types of technologies, such as cable, DSL (Digital Subscriber Line), and fiber optic systems.

Some of the most popular brands in the field that are present in the Sunflower State. The largest brands in the Telecommunication Market of the Kansan State are Frontier Communications, AT&T, CenturyLink, Spectrum, EarthLink, and WOW. These providers can be considered top competitors for internet services sales there.

Kansas is ranked in the 28th position in the state broadband access ranking. In general, the internet service there can be easily accessed in the main broadband types’ of spectrum. In another words, both fiber-optic, cable service, DSL and wireline connections have high rates of accessibility by the Kansan people, in comparison to the other state’s average.

See below some of the internet companies working in the State, considering popularity and highest coverage rates:
















Internet Connection in KS

By the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) definition, the internet services with speeds of at least 25 Mbps for download and 3 Mbps for upload are also called broadbands. In Kansas, most people (88.3%) have access to this type of connection but there are still some counties there with less than half of residents with access to this same service.

Usually, this describes a digital divide problem, in which services’ quality, diversity of choices and affordability are some of the factors that are influential to the final circumstances. In Kansas’ case, 307.000 residents are currently incapable of reaching a broadband service in their location, and another 344.000 can only access one internet provider.

The worst city in the state in terms of internet accessibility would be Cedar Point, where there is a zero rate of wired internet providers coverage. On the other hands, in Prairie Village, Lenexa and Leawood there are high indicators of quality and affordability in the internet market.

Internet Speeds by City

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The Kansan average speed is about 135.9 Mbps, according to speed tests. Now see how internet speeds’ levels are distributed there:
  • 88.3% have access to wired broadband with 25 Mbps speeds or more.
  • 84.3% have access to 100 Mbps or more.
  • 72.5% have access to 1 gigabit speeds.

Internet Speeds by City

Check out the 5 top cities with the fastest internet connections!

1. Wichita
121.7 MBPS
2. Overland Park
122.7 MBPS
3. Topeka
78.6 MBPS
4. Kansas City
196.2 MBPS
5. Olathe
93.3 MBPS

Types of Internet

The main types of network connections are fairly distributed throughout the state, configurating the scenario below:

83% Cable

86% DSL

40% Fiber Optic

62% Satellite

Best Cities to Connect

In the Kansan State, which has a relatively large territorial area, residents count with a general good infrastructure to internet technologies, mainly wireline services. Although, there are some cities in the state were residents have low access to services, such as in Arnold, Burdick, Stark and Cedar Point.

To expand the broadband access, the Kansas Department of Commerce started the Broadband Initiative Program in 2010. Communities throughout Kansas have been enjoying the efforts of private and public programs like this to push up the local market and its potential, which is also common in other American states.

According to the US News, and considering indicators of access and subscriptions per speeds, Kansas is one of the top 10 best states in terms of internet access. The Sunflower state the comes in 9th position of ranking internet access, that consider all the 49 states and the federal district.

This research also pointed out that the state is the 31st when it comes to broadband subscription rate and it comes in the 7th position in terms of access to gigabit internet, as the Kansan people have a huge average access to this kind of service.

Now see below the best 6 cities in Kansas that shows the highest internet service providers coverage (and their respective availability averages):
Kansas State
  • Belle Plaine (100%)
  • Frontenac (100%)
  • Hays (100%)
  • Johnson (100%)
  • Lansing (100%)
  • Delaware (99.1%)
Still considering the general average speeds in the state’s territory, other cities that count with good services in this category would be:
  • Kansas City (50 Mbps)
  • Pratt (26 Mbps)
  • Hutchinson (23 Mbps)
  • Haysville (19 Mbps)

Best Providers by Activity


Streaming Services

Online Gaming

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