What is a Coaxial Cable Connection?

Also known as simply Cable Internet, this type of connection uses a Television infrastructure to send digital data and set residential internet. The first cable modems were installed in US during the 90’s and the typical bandwidth of Cable Internet varies between 20–100Mbps for downloads and 1–10Mbps for uploads.

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What is the Difference Between Cable and other Types of Internet?

Analog to the DSL connection, Cable Internet access providers connection by using another technology as a medium. While in DSL the medium is the phone line, here the TV cable is integrated to the Internet cable all at once.

Other than that, the Cable reliability is high and like fiber optics connection. Also, it is an excellent choice if you bundle its service with any other one - specially TV. In addition to that, as Cable Internet is a common type of connection, its availability covers 90% of the U.S territory, so you should not have problems with finding a cable ISP (Internet Service Provider) in your area.

What Are the Cable Internet Benefits?

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What Are the Cable Internet Coverage?

As the cable possibility commonly supports all the costumers needs in terms of internet connection, it is a widely spread broadband in the American territory. To have an idea, 90% of the U.S. territory has cable coverage.

This is usually the first internet choice for those who do not have fiber optics services available in their area. Also, for TV and streaming lovers, this is a nice internet option, as both services can be paid in one bill.

The Cable Internet uses the TV infrastructure with exactly this goal: saving money and making this combination more affordable for users.
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