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How to Pick a Cell Phone Plan
Need a Phone Plan?

When it comes to picking a cell phone plan for you or your family, it can be difficult to know where to begin. We suggest first asking yourself which factors are most important to you in a new plan, like:

  • ✔ Saving money
  • ✔ Getting good coverage
  • ✔ Unlimited data
  • ✔ International calling features
  • ✔ Dedicated hotspot data
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    How to Choose the Best Family Plan

    Now that family plans are standard from all the big carriers, having all your household’s lines in one single account and bill makes sense. But when you have multiple people’s needs to consider, you need to find a family plan that not only ticks everybody’s boxes but won’t drain your bank account. Fortunately, we’re here to help. The CleverPing® allows you to search through thousands of plan combinations in just seconds. Here’s how to get started.

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    During your search for cell phone plans, consider these factors:

    Internet providers vary based on location, so if you’ve recently moved to a new address or are just looking for better deals for your broadband services, this is the perfect place to get it. We work to help you compare the best offers near you in real time.

  • ✔ The number of lines you need
  • ✔ Each line can have a different phone
  • ✔ The amount of data, talk, and text you’ll need
  • ✔ Which carrier you are currently with (if applicable)
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    How to Choose the Best Cell Phone Plans and Bundles Plans For You and Your Family

    There are many types of Internet on the market, but the one that has been growing and becoming more popular is fiber optics, which are taken into homes using glass or plastic wires. It is one of the best recommended types for homes today. In addition, another possibility is available on the market, called Bundles, bundles of internet, TV and home telephone services, which help in times of economy.

    Starting to search. What should I consider when choosing the

    plan that makes the most sense for me and my family?

    It's a big important thing to consider when you are choosing a plan for you or for your family. How is your internet consumption during the month? Sounds simple, but is very important in the process. You can find an unlimited internet or limited internet, which is when you have some date packages to use during the period, and are renovated every single month.

    And what are the pros and cons I should consider

    The pros of having an unlimited internet is that you don't need to worry about when your access can end. In this case, you can be relaxed about that and just enjoy your product. The cons, what's actually not a complete one, will be dependent on your consumption. Is that after all use of your data packages, you will probably need to pay more to continue to use the signal of the internet.

    But, at the same time, if you are the kind of person who works in a big company, not at home, and uses Wi-fi for most part of your time, for example, maybe a basic plan can be a good one for your lifestyle.

    How do I know the best providers and what best

    fits my lifestyle and needs?

    There are many different providers in the market which one with your specific products, services, and of course: the price!

    If you have a big family, you should know that there are a lot of advantages and have more than one line. Yes! When you have more lines, more discounts you can have.

    In the market we have wireless internet, 5G+. 5G++, and others. Wireless is a technology and means no wires, is how we can use the internet without wires, and the way that the transmission of the connection can continue working between distant points.

    On At&T services, the Wireless Unlimited Elite Plan can be purchased for $50 per month (per line when you get 4 lines), including unlimited talk, text, 5G access, including blocking calls that could be fraudulent, identity monitoring, safer browsing and many other services. Others plans is avaiable on the site of the company.

    With CenturyLink Simply Unlimited Internet, for $50 a month you can have the fastest internet available for your location, unlimited data, and still do away with all the bureaucracy of annual contracts. On the company's website there are several other plans that can help you in your search process for the best internet provider.

    With Windstream, you can also get some great deals. The company also offers fiber and fixed wireless services in some areas and broadband plans to residential customers in many locations.

    The Kinetic Internet 500 plan, which costs $57 a month, promises high speed, does not require the use of contracts, has no data limits and also has kinetic internet security.

    A good service advantage is the possibility to hire additional cybersecurity packages. On the company's website there are several possibilities to take care of your navigation even more for approximately $9.99 per month

    But remember these are just a few examples available on the market. There are many other companies that can offer better services for your location, so the ideal is not to rush when choosing and buying prices and benefits. In their site you can find other ones and select what makes the most sense for your current moment.

    The best bundles: the internet, the phone home and

    TV. This is can be a great opportunity for your place

    There is also another option for those who want to choose an internet package, but want to take advantage of this opportunity and already get an even bigger discount. These are packages that involve internet, TV and telephone, which are a good option for those looking for savings and more resources. If you are looking for something for your home, you should know that there exists another great opportunity for your whole family.

    The Bundles are the most common cable TV packages including internet and home phone. It is quite attractive because, in general, it manages to be a great source of financial savings for those looking for a variety of products, and it is usually much cheaper than the individual price. In addition, some of them, between the first years of service, may offer special channels like HBO, for example.

    The tip here is always to be careful to sign a product that fits your budget and that doesn't change much after the promotional period. It is important to carefully read the services offered and identify whether, in the long run, it really makes sense. For example, if you are not a person who spends a lot of time watching television, perhaps a more affordable plan for this service might be more interesting for you, or even consider an individual plan. It will all depend on your day to day lifestyle.

    The advantage of this package is that, often, for a slightly higher price, you can add a variety of TV channels and have more Mbps to your cell phone and internet plan. In addition, these packages usually have additional points that can be used at some points in the house, making the internet frequency higher and better signal.

    To get this service you first need to know that prices can vary depending on the provider and where you are located. The most famous telephone companies already operate in most of the territories and, therefore, have a wide coverage for the thousands of available addresses, but in any case, it is important to always check if the desired service is already available in your neighborhood, office or home. The vast majority of them already have a space to do this search service, and of course, specialists are on call to assist you and answer any and all questions that may arise, both about coverage and the desired service.

    It is estimated that the largest companies already operate in approximately 90% of the territories, however, for a given area, a company can stand out and have greater coverage. But when in doubt, go to the operator's website and search for your zip code or session address.

    Are the prices really more affordable?

    Having a personalized package with TV and internet can indeed be very advantageous when it comes to saving a little on bills, and by combining TV, internet and telephone, this discount can be even greater.

    Some packages may have lower priced options and a standard TV channels and broadband internet connection. Where the most affordable can be found in the most common providers, but they may have some more limited services, such as a lower connection speed or even a TV service with simpler channels.

    The 200 Mbps + Sua TV Fios package from Verizon Fios, can be purchased for R$ 89.99 per month, has more than 120 channels and a download speed of up to 200 Mbps.

    The Optimum plan, Optimum 300 + Core TV, costs $60.00 a month, with more than 200 channels and savings of $49.99 a month on the promotional package. That's why it's important to research and find the one that most closely matches your needs.

    Another advantage to be considered in this modality is that given the remote system, adopted during the pandemic, many providers promise more stability and less oscillation in the signal, ideal for young people and adults who have spent more time in meetings, virtual classes and even spending his free time watching series, movies and having fun on the internet and social media.

    Now that you have some information about the plans, whether packaged or individual, you can start searching for what makes the most sense for you and your family. Remember, these are tips to guide you, but the best plan will always be the one that fits in your pocket!

    Do research, compare prices, listen and talk to the on-call staff who are available to resolve any and all doubts that may arise during the hiring process. If you choose to change your current package or even change the company that provides your current services, it is always good to try to negotiate, explain your needs or explain the reasons that are leading you to make this change. Sometimes it is possible to negotiate a signal improvement, an upgrade in your channel grid, more Mbps to browse and much more.

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