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Which Carrier is the Best and Why?

There are many different types of carriers and plans.

Some carriers are focussed on coverage, others are focussed on innovation. Some are purely focussed on price and value. The best carrier is a personal choice. The key things that you should look for:
  • ✔ Value for money
  • ✔ Coverage & network
  • ✔ Ease of navigating plans on carrier’s website / customer service / perceived customer experience & support
  • ✔ “All in” pricing V.S. prices + taxes and further fees
  • ✔ Is the carrier an innovator or a follower?
  • ✔ Is the carrier customer focussed?

Every carrier in the US now offers No Contract Plans

Since most providers offer a variety of services, it may be easier to use an existing connection to access another service. For example, a provider could connect your cable internet utilizing the television coaxial cable already running into your home. Using already available technology is more straightforward than setting up an entirely new connection.
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How to Pick a Cell Phone Plan

When it comes to picking a cell phone plan for you or your family, it can be difficult to know where to begin. We suggest first asking yourself which factors are most important to you in a new plan, like:
  • ✔ Saving money
  • ✔ Getting good coverage
  • ✔ Unlimited data
  • ✔ International calling features
  • ✔ Dedicated hotspot data
Ready to start comparing yourself? Head over to the CleverPing® comparison engine on our homepage, choose your services preferences, add your ZIP Code and press “Check Availability”. Then, choose the criteria that will order the list of results, for example: “Cheapest”, “Most Popular” or “Internet Speed”.
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How to Choose the Best Family Plan

Now that family plans are standard from all the big carriers, having all your household’s lines in one single account and bill makes sense. But when you have multiple people’s needs to consider, you need to find a family plan that not only ticks everybody’s boxes but won’t drain your bank account. Fortunately, we’re here to help. The CleverPing® allows you to search through thousands of plan combinations in just seconds. Here’s how to get started.

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During your search for cell phone plans, consider these factors:

Internet providers vary based on location, so if you’ve recently moved to a new address or are just looking for better deals for your broadband services, this is the perfect place to get it. We work to help you compare the best offers near you in real time.
  • ✔ The number of lines you need
  • ✔ Each line can have a different phone
  • ✔ The amount of data, talk, and text you’ll need
  • ✔ Which carrier you are currently with (if applicable)

Shared vs Per Line Allotment

Before choosing the best family plan for, make sure you understand how your data, talk and text allotment is being assigned within the plan itself. This only applies to plans that are not completely unlimited. Shared data plans mean that if you have 8GB of data allowance in your family plan, all lines share this 8GB—and not equally. One line could use 5GB, another line could use 1GB, another line 2GB, and the last line might miss out completely. It’s really a first come, first served scenario. Per line, allotment plans mean that the data is shared equally amongst each line in the family plan. This option is best if you have a certain member of the family that uses a lot of data and has the potential to drain your family plan of all of the month’s allowance within the first couple weeks.

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