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Today, Google Maps is one of the most widely used services on the Internet with almost everyone who owns a smartphone relying on the application for a convenient journey. And it’s true: we simply follow Google Maps because it provides us with accurate travel information whether on personal transport or public. However, there are many other mapping services and applications available online. That said, why does Google Maps dominate the travel app market? This article provides some insight into our increasing positive dependence on Google Maps for navigation!

The Application’s Simplicity

Almost any user of Google Maps will agree that it’s simple and easy to use. This is extremely beneficial when it comes finding a destination when time is of the essence!

You Can Check the Weather Forecast

A new prominent feature with Google Maps is the weather checker that can play an important part for those who plan to travel. It enables them to view the weather conditions of different places while planning the travel accordingly.

The Voice Command Feature

No need for typing locations for where you wish to travel. The voice command feature with the Google Maps allows its users to mention the desired destination to get the voice directions.

Diverse Languages

With more and more people relying on the application across the world, Google Maps now supports 39 languages apart from the existing ones. As a result, the users get instructions at the convenience of their own language.

The above were a few ways how technology - using Google Maps as an example - has eased the way we travel and continues to change our lives positively. And the technology here that we depend on for these conveniences and innovations is the Internet.

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