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To use your internet the best possible way through your mobile phone demand taking some simple steps.


Most people think just buying the most expensive prepaid plan or choosing the best mobile company will prevent any further problem, but this is not true. 

Data Plan 

To run efficiently, many other things are important, such as which data plan the client will pick up and if fits their needs.  


Other than that, once you have your cell phone plan's contract signed up, it is important to know the best way to make use of the data available in your plan.  


Check out some tips to reduce data consumption and surf the internet with speed whenever you want! 

1 - Streaming Technology 

This is the technology that sends audio and video information instantly, used by platforms such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Spotify. Most of them (and their respective applications) have an option to reduce data transfer, within the Playback Settings.

2 - Social networks 

Facebook allows you to disable automatic video playback, while WhatsApp gives you the option to turn off automatic downloading of photos, videos and audios. 


Each mobile application has its own configuration tricks, and you should always search ways to save your data if you are a heavy user, unless you have an unlimited data plan that is indeed unlimited.  


Check the settings of the other networks used by you and save data and battery on your cell phone. 


3 - Mobile applications in general  

To improve the performance of your device, a suggestion is to exchange the heavier applications for their lite versions. That way, you guarantee more speed to access the content you want, consume less data and save battery. 


4 - Automatic backup 

Smartphones always use data to update applications or make file backups. Change the configuration of the device so that these processes happen manually, and you can control them better. 


5 - Emergencies and Cleaning Tricks  

So, your iPhone 12 is a mess and you do not know what to do anymore. Plus, you do not have time to deal with it in a detail-oriented way. It is all good, there are mobile apps that can do some magical stuff for you in some clicks.  


  • Clean Master: antivirus and phone booster, it can clean junk data and improve your battery and general performance. 
  • DU Speed Booster: Cleans up your phone RAM and scan possible background app that can be causing troubles, opening space for you to work better on your device. 

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