Is landline phone
still worth it?

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Is landline phone still worth it?

The evolution of cell phones and mobile phone plans made many people leave the landline phone aside. So, it is common to wonder if it is still worth having a landline, or even putting its advantages to the test.

In fact, the multifunctional smartphone looks like an unbeatable replacement for the obsolete communication device, which doesn't even offer mobility for its consumers. However, the fact is that there are still reasons and advantages to having a landline phone at home.

Although it is no longer an essential item for every American household, there are still millions of landline services that suits the different needs of customers. Using key features such as the audio assist and the caller id while running calls in a daily basis makes this kind of service differential to its customers.

Advantages and disadvantages

One of the biggest advantages of a landline is its stability. In storms, natural disasters or similar situations, it is common to experience instability when using cell phones or the internet. However, this type of occurrence will hardly affect landlines.

Another advantage of the landline is that it doesn't usually have that old battery problem. In other words, in case of power failure, if the cell phone is completely discharged, there will be no way to recharge it.

However, if you have a landline phone, you will still be able to make calls. This is especially important in emergency situations. Now, it's important to remember that in the case of wireless landline phones, they need to be charged to work.

Lack of signal is another problem that can happen with a cell phone. However, it is one more advantage of this technology not to face this type of adversity, since it does not depend on the signal to work.

Furthermore, the devices tend to be more durable and do not suffer from such programmed obsolescence. This is when device manufacturers are already planning when they will stop working or be useful to their users. Thus, we are forced to invest in new cell phones.

The cell phone also has the advantage that it can be taken anywhere. However, nowadays, there are landline telephone lines that work like mobile ones.


Nowadays, technologies related to internet and telephony are so advanced that it is even difficult to define exactly what is original landline telephony.

Cordless telephones were the first steps towards independence from wires and the ability to move when making a call. Later, mobile telephony technology arrived to bring even more facilities and mobility to users, and the internet leveraged this issue even further.

Despite all the advances, the landline is still very important to some people because of the advantages it provides.

So, now that you know how landline phones works and what are its advantages, you can count with CleverPing® to help you choose the best plans and providers in your area. It’s easy and fast, just give us a call!

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