How important is security?

Home security is among the main concerns of a household. And it could not be different. CleverPing® help you choose the best home security system for your needs.


Mainly the big cities in the country live in a delicate home security situation. Trawlers and big raids have happened more often every day. Any citizen who watches a TV news program or reads the news in the daily newspapers will face several situations of this type.

Even in condominiums, which theoretically have a more complete security system, residents go through complications and moments of extreme tension. In homes this fear is even greater. There is no doorman to check the origin of the vehicle entering the garage, and street lighting and other residences do not always help to identify people, among other problems.

To avoid and prevent these dangerous actions, both condominium and individual residence residents must be concerned and find ways to improve safety. It is for these findings that it is possible to understand that home security systems are increasingly innovative and technological, with more intelligent alarms, together with security cameras.

Home security systems

There are several types of home security systems, each one suitable for different purposes and environments. See below the most used options in homes:

CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television. This system works through cameras that monitor the desired environment 24 hours a day, which can be installed both outdoors and indoors.

Access to captured images and audio can be done in real time through mobile devices, such as cell phones and tablets, only requiring an internet connection. In addition, all recorded data is stored for future reference.
Eletric fences
One of the main changes we can see in homes over the years is the increase in walls. However, only the high walls are no longer an obstacle to the actions of malicious people.

For this reason, to make criminal acts even more difficult, many residents decide to place sharp objects on the walls and, especially, electric fences.

However, it is necessary to hire a qualified company to provide this service and perform preventive maintenance periodically. That's because thieves are already able to identify when the fence is malfunctioning or down.
Access controls
Access controls serve to limit the entry of people into a space. It works through different technologies such as biometrics, tags and passwords.

This way, only authorized people can enter the environment. In addition, access controls can be installed at the entrance to control the circulation of cars on site, ensuring greater security.
Eletronic concierge
The electronic concierge is an excellent home security system. That's because it allows you to visualize who is wanting to enter your house without having to open the door.

With the increasing number of robberies and kidnappings, opening the door without knowing who is waiting outside is a bad choice.

Through this technology you can see the person through cameras and even talk to them remotely, allowing or not their access at home.
Residential alarm
The home alarm is ideal to protect your property, such as vehicles, jewelry, appliances and other valuables, such as paintings and other decorations.

The alarm has a sensor that must be placed in a strategic location within the environment. When unauthorized people try to invade the space will trigger the siren, with this the security company will be notified, as well as the owner of the property.

Who needs a home security system?

The days when it was enough to increase the height of the wall and reinforce the padlocks of the gates to enhance the security of the residence are in the past. Today, you need to look for more efficient ways to find everything in place when you return home after a day of work or travel.

Many choose to live in buildings because they feel safer there. The truth, however, is that due to the large movement of people, condominiums are also often the target of criminals who take advantage of any flaws in the home security system.

Nowadays, therefore, the investment in a good security system structure is a necessity for everyone, whether at home or in condominiums. And this need is present even in smaller towns and rural areas.

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