How to choose a landline phone service

In the past, it was common to pay high prices to have landline phone service at home. Nowadays, however, almost everyone already has a cell phone and, therefore, it is common for people to no longer have a landline. However, in some homes, and especially in businesses, the landline still plays an important role.


Advantages of landline phone service

In some cases, the advantage of having a landline phone service at home is quite evident, for example, for people who live in regions where cell phone networks are not stable.

A landline is also beneficial in emergencies as it is connected to your address, and even if you don't say a word, the emergency services operator will know exactly how to reach your address.

Furthermore, in situations where better sound quality is needed, such as crowded places, or in the case of those who have hearing problems, the landline is usually the best option.

There are also other benefits, like the battery, for example, which even cordless phones tend to last much longer than a cell phone. And in cases of lack of light, the device, in many cases, can remain turned on even when it runs out, as some of them are powered by the network cable.

Finally, calls are usually cheaper from the landline, as operators often offer special offers from landline to landline, and many of the calls people need to make daily are to landline numbers.

How to choose a landline phone plan?

To help you decide on your landline plan, we have some tips. This makes it easier to know which way to go when comparing plans for landline phone service:

Calls to another area code
One of the first things to look at is the number of times you need to call another area code. Plans with only local calls are usually the cheapest, so if you don't make calls to another area of service, there is no reason to contract a more expensive plan.

However, operators have landline packages with calls to another area of service with a relatively small difference. So, with a fixed amount per month you can make unlimited calls anywhere in the country.
Mobile calls
Landline telephony providers have plans with calls to cell phones, they cost a little more than the most basic plans, but they offer options with unlimited calls to any cell phone in the country, for a fixed price per month.

If you usually call cell phones, it's worth checking plans with this option, so you can avoid the fees and pay a single fixed-line fee per month.
Which mobile provider do you make the most calls?
Still on plans that have calls to cell phones, there is the possibility of you saving when analyzing which cell phone provider, you make the most calls.

Thus, in addition to reduced rates, in some cases, you will be able to make calls at will to the operator you choose, if the operator has a partnership or also has cell phone plans.
Calls to other countries
In the most complete plans, you will find calls to other countries for a fixed price. If you make this type of call, it's worth investing a little more per month in your landline phone service and having unlimited calls to more than one country. On some plans you will be able to make calls to international cell phones.
Do you also need broadband internet?
Most landline phone service providers have broadband internet plans and offer exclusive discounts if you purchase a landline plan together with the Internet.

If you also need a landline internet plan, it's worth checking out the promotions of combos with landline phone + broadband internet plans.

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