What is satellite TV and how does it work?

In times where entertainment directly influences and sets new trends in all human areas, having a good TV service is essential to keep up to date. Among several different providers and plans, one of the most recurrent questions is the decision between cable TV and satellite TV.

It is very common to see people referring to their television service as cable TV, but what few but few know is that, in fact, many of these services are via satellite.


What is satellite TV?

It refers to the TV signal that is not encrypted. In this way, it is transmitted over a satellite or over VHF and UHF bands.

Even though it is a broadcast of free channels, many of them are paid. Some through audiovisual contributions to municipal, state or federal taxes – this is a case that happens in the UK and Portugal. And others are paid by voluntary donations, as is the case with some broadcasters in the United States.

But pay TV operators also use this technology in space to broadcast their channels. That way, you can receive both free and packaged ones (if you have a subscription).

How does it work?

As the name implies, the satellite TV signal works through a satellite. The signal leaves an antenna at the operator's bases, is transmitted to the space satellite and is sent to the antenna that is installed in your home.

Since installing an antenna is easier than installing it over cables, satellite television coverage is greater as it reaches places that cable cannot reach.


Some advantages of this technology are:

Availability throughout the territory
Signal for both digital and HD channels
Does not depend on cables
Usually cheaper than other options

But even with all these positives, instability in weather conditions is something that must be put in the balance.

Therefore, before contracting the satellite service, analyze the region where you live. If it has a high rate of rain and storms, see if fiber optic cables are already available in your location.

Comparing with cable TV

The main difference between the two types of TV has to do with availability. After all, to install cable TV, the operator's cabling must reach your street. Therefore, some places do not have this technology.

Cable TV has the advantage of not having signal drops when there is heavy rain in the region. In addition, through cable technology, the operator can offer several services in a single wire, such as internet, telephone and TV. This makes the installation “cleaner” visually in your home.

In resume, satellite TV will usually be:

Availability throughout the territory
Less stable depending on wheatear conditions
Cheaper option
Higher availability by location (including rural areas)
Less limited bandwidth
Possibility to run 4k

Is this right for me?

People who live in rural areas or remote locations are very indicated to have this service, since the satellite signal can reach any point on the globe. In addition, signal transmission can bring both open and pay TV channels to your home.

This way, in addition to having an advantage over cable when it comes to locations, you don't need to be stuck only with open TV channels. There are TV operators that sell their satellite pay TV channel package as well.

So, if you live or want to take pay channel transmissions to your farm, satellite TV should be your number one choice.

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