What is cable TV
and how does it work?

Even with the emergence of various streaming platforms such as Netflix, many people are still looking for cable TV plans.

However, there are still some questions about the service. Find out how television technologies work and which TV providers offer them.



Cable TVoriginated in the United States, when Pennsylvania residents had difficulties receiving the television signal and installed antennas in the high valleys and extended cables to their homes. The solution was the beginning of a system that would be used, at first, to supply residents of regions far from the signals of open stations, but which over time began to be used to include extra programming for subscribers who wanted to obtain the service.

The system has progressed so much that, currently, it is not only used to broadcast programming from closed stations, but it also stimulated the creation of local and community TVs, since the infrastructure necessary for the assembly is much smaller.

How does it work?

In this system, the signal is sent through a satellite to an antenna belonging to the operator. Then, it is distributed to antennas present in homes and establishments that contracted the service. Because it doesn't need cables, satellite TV service can reach a larger number of users.

Installing the antenna to receive the signal via satellite is quite simple and does not require a visit from a technician or specialized professional. However, you only need to take a few safety precautions to avoid falls and shocks.

Regarding quality, the satellite TV signal is considered unstable, as changes in weather can interfere with the reception of the signal. It is common that on rainy days, for example, you have trouble watching your favorite programs because of interference.

Top cable TV providers

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Top cable TV providers

TV providers differ in everything from pricing to customer satisfaction. Some of the most important things to consider while comparing TV providers are price, channel lineup, and availability. Our experts already searched the US market and selected the best cable TV providers for you:

DISH: two-year price lock keeps pricing transparent
DIRECTV: NFL SUNDAY TICKET offers out-of-market games
AT&T TV: Streaming TV available with internet bundles
Frontier FiberOptic: Fiber technology delivers highest-quality video
Spectrum: All channels HD for better viewing experience
Xfinity: X1 Voice remote makes searching easier
Cox: Channel Paks allow for plan customization
Verizon Fios: Fios TV maintains a powerful and reliable signal
RCN: DVR syncs with mobile devices for on-the-go viewing

Popular cable channels

First of all, it's good to remember that the most popular cable TV channels usually belong to the more advanced packages. If these plans do not fit your budget, research the options for additional packages of the service researched. Some companies allow you, for example, to subscribe to a basic package and separately buy a package of movie channels.

TV providers offer entry-level plans with few channels, intermediate plans and advanced plans (full programming and resolution of channels in HD).

Because there are so many options, we've selected in this article some tips you need to know before signing up for the plan that's perfect for you. Below we list the cable TV channels that can't be missing from your package:


Don’t forget, channels may vary by location, provider, and package.

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