Top streaming TV services for you

Streaming is the data transmission technology over the internet, mainly audio and video, without the need to download content. The file, which can be a video or a song, is accessed by the user online. The content owner transmits the music or film over the internet and this material does not take up space on the computer or cell phone. Some platforms offer downloadable tracks for subscribers only.


What is the top streaming TV service?

There are many streaming platforms for different user profiles and with different content. Here we list some of the best streaming TV services with free or paid version.

One of the pioneering streaming TV services, Netflix is a paid service and has an extensive catalog of movies, series, animations and documentaries from various studios. It was one of the first to produce its own exclusive attractions.

The service is available virtually worldwide, runs on computers, smartphones, tablets, TVs, dongles, set-top boxes and video game consoles. Also, it streams videos in up to 4K, HDR10 and Dolby Atmos sound, depending on the package. signature.
Directv Stream is perhaps the best option for those who want to migrate their intermediate cable TV package to streaming TV service and spending much less. That's because, while pay TV operators offer this version at an affordable price. And new subscribers get access to the newly released HBO Max for two years free of charge.
Amazon Prime Video
Prime Video is Amazon's service, also available for a large list of devices. It has a list of highly successful own productions and partnerships with studios that do not distribute to Netflix. In addition, Prime Video has a single subscription price, without addressing broadcast quality or screen quantity.
HBO Max is the streaming platform of the Warner Media group. This means that all Warner Bros. movies. will be there. Titles from Cartoon Network, TNT, TBS and CNN also make up the catalog.

The group's expectation is that they will have between 75 and 90 million subscribers in the United States, Latin America and Europe.

The platform's differential is the content recommendations. In addition to the algorithms, HBO Max will also feature the indications of famous people, working like Instagram stories.
Disney +
Disney's streaming service was one of the most awaited in recent times and, in just over a year, it has more than 100 million subscribers. In addition to traditional Disney movies, you can also watch productions by Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel and Nat Geo.

Disney+ currently does not have a free trial option and there is only one plan available, with a monthly or annual discounted subscription.
Apple TV +
Apple has also jumped into the streaming battle with the announcement of titles featuring renowned actors like Jennifer Aniston and Steve Carell. Even Oprah Winfrey will be cast in Apple TV+ productions.
The service is priced competitively with Prime Video and can be accessed on any Apple device or via the website.
Animes are also part of audiovisual production on demand. To cater to the otaku audience, Crunchyroll provides free streaming, but with ads.

However, a differentiated and uninterrupted experience can be released under subscription to premium anime streaming plans.

In addition to the animes, the Crunchyroll website also has a forum for fans to discuss their favorite productions and a news section to update themselves on news.
Telecine Play, Hulu and HBO GO

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