Too many phone companies available? Learn how to choose

The competition between phone companies in the United States can make the user consider migrating from provider to save or get better packages. Providers take advantage of the proximity of end-of-year purchases to offer advantages to new customers, including discounts on the bill or among other benefits.

The attraction of each plan and company, however, depends on the consumer profile, such as the need for a robust data package or free minutes to talk.

Origin and history of the phone

The invention of the telephone would have happened accidentally to improve the transmissions of the telegraph, which has very similar structural concepts.

With the telegraph, however, it was possible to transmit only one message at a time. Having good knowledge of music, Graham Bell saw the possibility of transmitting more than one message along the same wire at once in the concept of "multiple telegraph".

This was not a new concept. Others tried, but it was the American who made this progress and used electricity to drive the human voice.

The experiments were supported by an assistant, Thomas Watson, who was the first to hear a human voice over a device called a telephone in June 1875.

Subsequent research was aimed at developing a membrane to transform sound into current and reproduce it again on the other side.

Success was marked on March 10, 1876. The first words conveyed by Graham Bell were: "Mr. Watson, come here. I need to speak with you" after an accident in the laboratory.

The following year, Graham Bell founded the Bell Telephone Company which later became American Telephone & Telegraph, the largest telephone company in the world.

There was, however, a response to the US Court of at least 600 actions filed by Gray claiming the invention. However, Bell won them all.

Choosing a phone company

In order to choose the best phone company for you, it is important to evaluate some points. There are several options for packages and prices. Not to mention the fees and contract clauses. So, here are some tips for you to successfully choose the best phone company for your needs:

1. Check coverage of the phone companies
The first step is to know which phone companies serve your region. In general, the companies themselves inform the area of 3G, 4G and telephony coverage on the website.

For you to have a good signal, it is important that the operator has a strong presence in your region, otherwise your connection may suffer drops and interruptions and you will pay more than what you will receive for speed.
2. See provider reviews
Another tip for choosing the best plan is to research. Look for operator reviews and ratings on the internet, which will give you information about services, customer service, coverage, signal quality and more.

Nothing better than the opinion of other consumers to form our own about a service. People who have already used the plan will provide truthful information, such as criticisms, complaints, as well as positive aspects about the services they receive.

It is useless, for example, if you hire a package with benefits suitable for your consumption, but then have problems with the signal and service provided by the operator.
3. Consider hiring a combo
Before choosing just a cell phone plan, find out if hiring this service in a bundle can be cheaper. Packages that include mobile, broadband internet, pay TV and landline often offer discounted prices for all services.

In addition, in these cases, you have the advantage of receiving only one bill per month, as all services will be provided by the same operator, making it easier to control expenses.
4. Pay attention to the fees
The best phone package is not always the one with the lowest price. Before hiring, you must understand that your plan must be, above all, functional. What does that mean?

You may find, for example, two offers: provider A has the cheapest package, and its main differential is that it grants discounts for long-distance calls. Phone company B, on the other hand, charges a little more, but has more attractive packages for local calls – just what your company needs the most. In this case, the second option may be more advantageous, even if it does not offer the best price.
5. Possibility of making changes
It is possible that, at some point, you may need to hire new services, cancel others and make adjustments to your phone plan. Evaluate how these procedures work in each provider: many adopt loyalty clauses that make adaptations difficult and can bring complications for you.

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