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Wireless: router, modem and other components 

Posted On     Thursday, March 18th, 2021


Using the internet is by far the activity that gained more adepts in the last decades word widely. To have an idea, in 2019 there were 200% more internet users than in 2009, according to Statista. The more we live in the Digital Era, the less we can keep up with the progress that is made.  

Wireless Concept 

One of the most significant changes in the mobile and fixed internet field was the advancement of the Wi-Fi and other wireless systems. Each day, we count more on this technology, that differentiates from Cable and DSL as it does not depend on electrical wiring to transfer data from a point to another.  


Instead, the wireless technologies emerged in the Communication’s Industry as an alternative for running digital devices without any coaxial cables, in 1980s and 1990s. It performs transfers by invisible radio waves.  


 One of the most preeminent benefits brought by the Wi-Fi connection is to make easier for users to find, buy, use and connect different information and communication’s technologies, such as mobiles, smart houses and even cars. For those who also pay for a single provider for their house needs, it got interesting to buy tv and internet bundles if one wish to enjoy streaming tv services and pay less for broadband.  

Wireless Devices 

Here are some of the most popular devices that can be used with this technology that is known to shorten distances and increase the connected world’s rhythm: 


  • radio transmitters and radio receivers 
  • mobile phones 
  • earphones (such as headphones or apple air pods) 
  • home or personal assistants 
  • GPS’s  
  • home network 
  • computers 
  • keyboards 
  • satellite and broadcast televisions  


Modem vs Router 

The difference of those two equipment is not clear for most people. In fact, they can be considered an essential pair to the wireless broadband system functioning.  


Modem and router combo work as a team to keep the internet connection as the first one catches and gathers the signaling so the wi-fi router can perfectly enable the signal distribution through all the connected devices. In resume, they are two parts of the delivering internet process.

  modem wifi

Modem’s Function 

  • convert the digital signal  
  • holds the IP address (numbered sequence) to interconnect devices


Router’s Function 

  • connect to the modem to deliver the network as a dispatcher 
  • chooses the best route to do it in each case 
  • protects information from security threats  
  • organize, prioritize and choose an IP address for each device to be connected to the source 

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Written By: Erika Yukari

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