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Why Use Wireless Home Security? 

Posted On     Tuesday, March 16th, 2021



smart application for household

According to a 2020 search made by the Data Reportal, 87% of U.S.’s residents are connected to an internet service. Although this puts the country in the 27th position of the 30 nations analyzed, the internet access and usage indicators points to a global growth that fastens up each year. 

An expressive amount of the current internet users worldwide and on the United States access internet through a wireless service. According to IBISWorld, the carries that offer this type of connection design the second largest market in the Information industry and in 2021 will generate $278.8 billion in the American Telecommunication’s Market. In the last years, AT&T company stood as the leader of this broadband category in U.S. 

As in 2020 the percentage of online activities grew, also the demand for wireless internet did. Therefore, as many people are keeping or starting to purchase, study and work through connected devices such as mobile and notebooks, the wireless systems seem like an interesting option to households and business. 

Wireless and Security 

According to the CTIA Organization, 80% and estimated 240 million 911 calls are made from wireless devices. The search that refers to 2020 data also points that there was an increase of 24,3% of Voice Traffic and 19,6% Data Traffic in the Wireless Use Surge. The stats are also related to the arrival of new health protocols, mainly stay-at-home. 

In general, internet users tend to see the wireless services as a reliable way to connect. The same organization showed that 93% of the surveyed consumers believed that sending text messages using this type of connection would define a trusted communications environment. 

In periods where people depend upon technologies to reach family members, consult with their physician and keep their monthly income, this type of perception matter a lot to the industry, that will gradually evolve according to science but also to the client’s evaluation. 

Wireless Industry 

In resume, users tend to see wireless technology and its products as a valuable experience and even prioritize them in front of other options available. This explains why there are so many wireless home security systems being offered today. As these are easy to install and are in a move advanced pace than older models, it is a target way to enhance household general security against burglary and other crimes. 

Other than that, as CTIA says, the wireless speeds increased in 40% (download speeds) in the last 2 years. The infrastructure of these services is also improving and tends to be smaller and more effective in the future. This kind of evident evolution bring more confidence to clients, as some key features of home security systems asks for the best velocity and effectiveness, for example: 

  • 24/7 professional monitoring 
  • smart locks technology 
  • arm and disarm. 
  • included motion detection feature. 
  • ring alarm in case of danger 

The smart house concept is a market and behavior trend that also helps wireless tech staying in the consumers eyes, as the non-wired connections allow them to easily interconnect devices and applications to improve their day-to-day entertainment, security and communication’s experience. 

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Written By: Larissa Bernardes

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