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Most Common Wi Fi Problems and How to Fix Them  

Posted On     Tuesday, April 20th, 2021


router next to internet user at home

Keeping calm is the least thing an internet user which signal went down usually can do. A reasonable package of some smart and preparatory information would be helpful, as technology issues will surprise every one of us eventually 


In the high-speed internet era, at the smallest signal of a sluggish connection, user tend to check in their home internet configuration button if their internet connection is working or not.  

Common Problems  

Other than just a slowest internet, one may experience problems such as: 

  • Wi Fi stops. 
  • Wi Fi option disappeared.  
  • Devices do not connect to your network.  

Other common ways to deal with network troubles like these directly involve the broadband system equipment. People tend to think “what can I do with this internet near me?”. 

How To Fix It  

Therefore, scenes like moving from one place to another inside the house or changing the fixed wireless router’s place are too common and can perfectly work in some cases.  


Other things such as trying to connect trough another device, making sure not so many users are online at the same time or your neighbor is using your internet, doing an online speed test.  


However, the basic guidelines for most Wi fi problems are here. So, be sure to use the following steps as a checking list when you deal with your next fiber optic internet tech challenge: 

  • Check if the internet system cables are in. 
  • On Your PC> Turn off your Wi Fi and them Turn it on again.  
  • On Your PC> Try to Connect directly to your modem trough the ethernet cable 


  • On Your Router> Resetting is key: power off and unplug your router.  
  • Wait 2-5 and then, plug back in.  
  • Wait 5 more minutes and retry to connect to that network.  

If still does not work… 


Try to reach out to your internet service provider to see if there is any instability on your zone or problem with your account.  

router's icons

How it Works  

For most people, the cables, lights, and buttons of the Wi fi equipment are not even a little familiar. Having to troubleshoot your internet plan or signal by yourself dealing with this kind of technology without understanding how its function is the perfect layperson nightmare.  


First, let us clear what each icon on the front of most routers means (of course we also recommend checking the manual for specific details): 

  • Globe: says how the connectivity between the modem and the internet is.  
  • Wi Fi: says how the Wi Fi signaling is being transmitted.  
  • Ethernet: says if the Ethernet cable is well connected or not.  

Now the lightening of above each icon will show how that factor is working. The colors below mean: 

  • Blue or Green: solid or blinking, normal functioning.  
  • Orange or Red: connection is not normally working. 


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Written By: Erika Yukari

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