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Wi Fi Extender and Wi Fi Booster Differences

Posted On     Monday, April 26th, 2021

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As the wireless technology has been conquering each day more places and has been dominating specially the home internet services market, users show a growing interest when it comes to tech tips and how-to content.  


Besides the fact that the download and upload speeds of the Wi fi certified system for households are good ones, this type of internet connection is becoming one of the most popular worlds widely. This also include public and private locations such as restaurants, coffees, and parks.  

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How to Improve Your Wi Fi Internet 

Most of customers have at least once dealt with internet or specific Wi fi connections problems, which can vary on levels of complexity. But, overall, there are important and key information that can be helpful for most of us.  


Issues such as latency ping, IP address and other technical terms may not sound familiar to all internet users, but the fact is that we are slowly migrating to a digitalized society, and eventually we can be caught up being part of the computational linguistic crew. 


When it comes to internet access points, a big part of the issues people face show up with common symptoms like those of the list below. 

  • connection speeds (sluggish connection) 
  • connection quality (which involve things like interference, instability, unenjoyable performance overall)  
  • low mobility (no signal at one or more parts of the house, for example) 

On other cases, the network signal disappears completely, and the problem can be very specific, being caused by a duplicated IP address, for example.  


But, for now, let us look at these three general frequent issues that often cause unnecessary headaches for home net users nowadays.  


We are going to understand the concept and functioning of two common tools that can be big Wi Fi problem-solvers.  


In addition to the Wi Fi modem and router, there are some key technologies that can breakout the listed difficulties to free the internet signal to run. 


The Wi Fi Extender and the Wi Fi Booster are two heroes when it comes to stop struggling with your broadband signal at home. See why next.  


Wi Fi Extender 

Widely used in large houses or with many potential physical blockers, such as walls or columns. In a standard configuration, when a router is just not enough, it is necessary to use this device to increase the power of the home internet in some areas. 

Wi Fi Booster 

It extends the coverage of a Wi-Fi network by improving or amplifying existing signals. The key here is the world “amplify “, meaning that the booster converts a weak signal into something more useful to which you can connect devices more easily. 


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Written By: Erika Yukari

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