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Why Keeping up with Internet Transformation Can Empower Us? 

Posted On     Thursday, January 21st, 2021

What are the main scenariochanging events that happened in the history of Internet until now? To begin this discussion, it is important to have in mind that the cyberspace evolution occurred in a vast number of phases, in which few people got to know the behind-the-scenes details. 


This is why, for some, online networks tend to seem so scaring and confusing. It can be, indeed, a profoundly technical field. But it also merges into people’s life each day more, becoming a basic part of our day-to-day. 


Therefore, understanding the context that builds up the internet existence is vital to guarantee the best use and manipulation of its features in a positive way. Personally, or professionally, it is very possible to enhance the human dominance of technological tools. 


In the same way the virtual space is improved, users can perfect their knowledge in what concerns practical topics, not to get stuck in theoretical learning. As years passed by, and mainly after some big tech launches in the digital world, many devices and gadgets changed.  


If we used to use our mobile to call, text and play simple games before, now a cell phone plan will not only allow clients to have unlimited data plan and surprising packages of 4G internet, but also set streaming and other services in a personalized way.  

Market solutions 

In other words, calling continued to be an important function but far from the main benefit of mobile phones. Plans include, in some cases, the possibility to bundle more than two services in order to ease customers’ life and save money at the same time. Each day more common family plan is a choice that gives to the public an uncomplicated way to meet an internet or phone plan that suits all the community needs, without spending time and worries doing it separately.  

Tech Highlights  

Other digital transformation initiatives that marked the internet timeline, in general, are: 

  • Machine Learning  
  • Big Data  
  • Artificial Intelligence  

Economic Flow 

Mainly, in the economical field, the turning point was the possibility to build and give flux to new business models based in automatization of operations, such as Information Technology and Human Resources, and the advantage of internet in fitting perfectly with startup and other disruptive types of enterprises.  


With new innovative solutions available in the market, the supply chain changed in entrepreneurs mind and other needs appeared. In today’s reality, companies are aware of the working from home model evolution, not only because of the pandemic situation in the social, health and economic perspective. But also, as an organic transformation that installed itself in the working field.  


The debate about internet access and democracy, high technology, and human rights as a whole and other issues that are still getting contours in people’s eyes are increasingly important to be aware of. After all, getting a boost mobile or enhancing the business process in your formal job are some nice consequences of learning more about technology. However, one must know that the digital evolution is a part of history, and, by being a global feature, affects every single Earth habitant now and in a future basis. 


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Written By: Erika Yukari

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