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Why is my mobile internet slow?  

Posted On     Friday, December 18th, 2020

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When it comes to your internet speed, wrong settings and even the presence of viruses can cause the problem. Some features support those who are experiencing performance problems on their cell phones, including an internet connection. If you are in a place where your internet service signal is good and you have not had your data packet blocked, but you are having difficulty connecting, this article is for you.  


It is quite common that, when buying a new chip or device, they experience slowness when they are turned on for the first time, as they are still establishing connections with the network and can oscillate naturally. However, it is important to keep an eye out if the problem persists. Here are some points that show what may be happening.  


Payment issues 


In an increasingly digital world, the choice of online payment slips, or direct debit ends up being the easiest for those who do not want to worry about bills at the end of the month. However, every system has its problems and sometimes payment is not processed correctly for some reason.  


In this situation, if the debit did not go as expected, and you did not notice, the internet provider may temporarily block or reduce your mobile internet data package.  


In general, it lets you know of unidentified payment for messages and calls, but if you did not notice or ignore these notices, look for this information on your device. If the statement is up to date and the operator is not performing any type of update on the network, your problem may be one of the others on our list.  

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Virus-infected cell  


Many people worry about having an antivirus on their personal computer, but end up forgetting that the cell phone, today, has the same or even more functions than a PC, depending on the configuration and on your internet options in general.  


You probably exchange messages, access bank apps, social networks and emails, saving passwords on your device. Even though many devices today require biometric confirmation to open this information, you are not free from attacks.  


One of the most common ways of hacking is through banner ads on games and unreliable websites. Once clicked, the virus enters your phone silently, stealing data and changing the speed of your internet connection. So, look for an antivirus in the app store and scan your phone to make sure it is free from intruders.  


Change of settings  


This problem ends up being more common for those who bought an imported cell phone or, for some reason, ended up activating automatic network settings, without knowing what they were doing.  


Since the chip uses a specific type of network to send and receive data from the internet, any change in this configuration may damage the quality of the connection. 


When in doubt, restore the settings to automatic mode or contact your operator for support about the type of network supported on your device.  


System update missing  


For those who usually install system updates automatically, especially iOS users, this is not usually the problem. However, with an increasing number of devices updating at the same time, some bugs may occur.  


The first versions of new systems can, yes, change the functioning of the cellular internet signal. So, it is always worth waiting a few days to see if a problem arises in time to be solved.  


Know that the system updates are not only to bring visual improvements, but to ensure that the internal circuits, which allow you to use the internet on your cell phone, continue to work as expected.  


If a system key changes and your cell phone does not install it, it is possible that your device will start to have a slow connection, because it started to work in another way.  


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Written By: Erika Yukari

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