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Why do I Need a Home Phone? 

Posted On     Tuesday, December 8th, 2020


As time and digital transformation goes by, people tend to discard those technologies that do not seem at once necessary or also to make room to new devices that pop up daily. Often, the home phone was one of them, however, its functionality did not lose value. The home phone service and instrument can be incredibly useful in more ways that we are giving it credit nowadays.  


The biggest protagonist of this story is the mobile, as we know. As the cell phone was created and got increasingly accessible, people started uninstalling their cable telephones, based on the idea that the mobile alone could supply their demand to communicate with the world.  


There is no denying that the mobile devices deliver a wide variety of functionalities, but also the cable phone carry some unique characteristics that ensure a satisfactory communicative experience indoor. To understand why supporting or getting a home phone service is important to your connection with people and services beyond your front door, here are 5 reasons to have a home phone.  


  1. Call Quality 
    In general, the quality reception of a cable phone is better when compared with the mobile services. This signifies that the stability of the connection is stronger, which puts the home phone service on the radar of those who depend upon communication equipment to make long calls during home office or for other personal reasons. 

    After all, even with the popularity of chat applications, there are those who enjoy spending much time talking on the phone.  

  2. Cost-benefit
    If you are one of those people who uses telephone devices to make calls a lot, then considering a cable phone could be the key to save some money, since its fees are usually lower than the mobile ones.  Additionally, to that, the home phone equipment is cheaper than any mobile.
  3. Bundles
    The home phone is a stable, traditional, practical service that is related to other home services like TV and Internet. Commonly, the companies offer lots of advantages to those who sign more than one service available in your area. This is called bundling, which is a way to get some discount and, at the same time, associate utilities on a contract to supply your day to day with everything you might need.  
  4. Low Battery? Not a Problem
    The electric base of a home phone guarantees the client a better experience when compared to the mobile, which need to be charged regularly and can run out of battery on unwanted moments.  
  5. Security 
    When someone calls 911, their location is found by Global Positioning System (GPS). This is fine if you are on a floor level, like a house or on the street. However, if you are on a building, the call itself cannot find exactly in what floor the caller is. And this is another home phone benefit: it is connected to the complete address of the owner, making it safer for the caller to be supported by emergency and public services.  


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Written By: Erika Yukari

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