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Our mobile devices allow us to contact our friends, work colleagues and family in the easiest ways we could ever imagine. However, the trend messaging apps we often hear about in between users are not necessarily the best options considering some factors. 



Even the most unfamiliarity technology user tend to know something about texting trough mobile phones. And, on the opposite, even the most high-tech innovations in the internet space will offer chatting features, as to please navigators when it comes to intercommunication matters. Some examples would be online dating apps, mobility apps, email servers, video call apps, customer service and IA, e-commerce websites and online marketplaces etc. 



SMS chatting  

Send and receive text is one of the oldest activities related to mobiles, as in a remote period, a cell phone plan customer would limit their use by: 

  • Short Message Service or SMS messages 
  • simple games  
  • phone calling  

Compared to the fax by some, the SMS text is still alive as a technology, although it is a way outdated way to communicate considering the vast number of other options that are more effective. Even more when you send text messaging your carrier can access its content. Also, they can be intercepted by criminals, scammers, hackers, and monitoring authorities, which puts this model in the end of the line when comparing text services.  

Popular Applications  

Cryptography must be one of the increasingly popular words in the technology field. For laypeople, this also applies, and the meaning of this upcoming worry is safety of personal content.  


Not only WhatsApp, but also Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other giant tech companies seem to be compelled to deal with a higher demand of transparency each day more.  


Users in social media platforms wish to boost mobile devices in terms of data security. Photos, videos, text, and other medias are shared in a massive volume every second online and, as the time goes by, more people want to guarantee their privacy rights.  


Some alternatives to WhatsApp that grew dramatically in this escapism to data vulnerability were:

  • Telegram  
  • WeChat 
  • Signal 
  • Viber  
  • GroupMe 

Other than that, the public also look for differential features in the messaging apps market. The local factor is another considerable influence, as communication choices are related to one's network behavior and habits. 


Plus, each of the mobile message applications target a specific public and allow subscribers to make a unique list of things. Liking messages, making video calls, and getting to be anonymous to your contact list are some of those special characteristics. They will vary based on: 

  1. Speed 
  2. Security 
  3. Usability 
  4. Convenience 

The marketing industry get each day smarter to focus on niched groups of people to fit their individual needs, be it in a personal, professional or community sense. So, when choosing your mobile, from the cell service deals to the text application, consider passing through more than one option so you get closer to the best service. 


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