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The Importance to Have a Conscious Use of Mobile 

Posted On     Thursday, March 4th, 2021

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Human communication has never been the same since the invention of the first cell phone. The apparently small device is actually a big thing in the individual spectrum. In general, the evolution of cell phones has also transformed the way we live in society, because it has affected the way people deal and organize a lot of issues.  


Be it in a personal or professional environment, many intellectuals affirm that it is important to develop a conscious use of the mobile. This is due to the fact that as time passed by and the evolution of smartphones caused huge and visible changes in people`s routines, mobile users can be affected in a negative way due to misuse of the technology. 

Causes behind the addictive potential  

The cell phone is, without a doubt, one of the most celebrated inventions of humankind. Having become for many, in addition to being an object of consumption, an object of desire and permanent use, it can even generate a certain “emotional dependence”.  


The consumer industry appeals to advertising, stimulating the infinite need to update models and technical possibilities. Fierce competition between powerful companies causes people around the world to switch devices often, especially influencing teenagers and young people, who have become the biggest users and consumers. 


Specially to heavy internet users, having a personal, portable and intelligent device that can be wherever you are in almost every possible situation is very attractive. But the fact that billion smartphones are discarded every time a company updates a configuration, or a mobile phone data capacity is not a positive factor, be it in the consumer view or in a global scale dimension.  


In resume, it is possible to conclude that the use of cell phones, as well as any other good or product, does not only bring benefits and facilities. 

Careful and smart tech habits  

Experts warn overuse of electronic tools can be addictive. This includes gaming consoles, television, computers in general, and mobile devices. And this straight talk to society has been straightening up for some years now.  


Educators, parents and the academic community give us lots of tips to get out of the addictive zone and keep the smartphone ownership a positive feature in our life. 


In other words, technology is a good thing, it cannot be against progress. The problem is the lack of control, mainly when it comes to teenagers and kids. This group of people is vulnerable to more problematic consequences in their future history.  


Also, the popular spread of cell phone plans and the growth of coverage in areas all over the globe gave to the youngest more autonomy, which can be good in terms of information access, but can also be dangerous if you think they still cannot handle their actions. 


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Written By: Erika Yukari

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