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How to Set Up the Perfect TV Room 

Posted On     Monday, May 3rd, 2021


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Looking to have  a comfortable space at your house with the best technology to call your private cinema? Enjoy movies, series, sports and game sessions with the best image and the best sound, enjoying your cozy sofa? 


First, review the environment. Do you intend to move the furniture and the TV? Think of doors and windows, sockets, TV and internet connection, switches, etc. The most important thing is to design the position and the maximum size of the furniture, so that circulation is not compromised. 


Sofa and armchairs 


Do you intend to have a larger sofa or independent armchairs? Think about places for family and friends. If the option is a sofa, the dimensions of the space and the circulation will determine the maximum size of the furniture. Interior designers and architects advocate a circulation area of 70 cm. 



Limit the length of the sofa, either to lean against a wall or to divide the room, if it is facing the TV. If you choose a retractable sofa, check the measurement of the closed seats, how the furniture should be in everyday life, and fully open, so that there is still circulation with the sofa extended. 



Sofas with straight lines, narrow arms and lower backs have less visual impact. On the other hand, softer “sofas”, with big cushions, wide arms and high backs will dominate the environment. 



As a large piece of furniture in the environment, the choice of the color of the sofa will be decisive for the rest of the decoration. Neutral tones, such as gray and pastel colors, provide space to add colors and textures to the carpet, cushions, and other objects. Light tones also work best for smaller rooms.

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Smart TV 


If your choice is for image quality, Smart TV 8K models are great choices. The image is impressive, with a resolution eight times higher than Full HD (High Definition). They also tend to be devices with better upscaling, to improve images of lower resolution. However, the price is higher, as is common in newer technologies and high-end devices. 



In a more premium category, you will find OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) TVs (organic light-emitting diodes), which usually have extremely high quality in colors and contrast. Imagine how tv series and sports fans will like this! 


Below them are the LED devices. The best cost-benefit, currently, is in Smart TVs with LED display and 4K resolution, that is, quality four times higher than Full HD. It is enough to perfectly enjoy the content of streaming services, local channels, watch DVD and Blu-ray, cable TV and open TV. 



For the latest generation of video games, the perfect combination is Smart TVs with a 120 Hz screen refresh. Some of the best cable tv providers can sometimes partner-up with tv brands so customers know what is reliable in the market. 

Sound and lighting system 


To complement your big screen TV, you can invest in a sound system. Larger rooms require a 5 or 7 channel home theater, which will result in a much more immersive experience. 



The alternative for smaller rooms is sound bars. There are models with only the sound bar or also with subwoofer, which guarantees the weight of the bass. 



For those who are going to watch movies or play video games at dawn, an idea is to invest in a good Bluetooth headset, to pair with the Smart TV and not disturb the rest of the house with the noise. Also, do not forget that a good internet service for online gaming is crucial. 


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Written By: Larissa Bernardes

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