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The Online Banking Evolution  

Posted On     Thursday, December 17th, 2020

The Real-time-Payment was launched in 2017 in the United States, enabling businesses and consumers to pay at once and in a more convenient way. Today, banks all around the globe provide this solution and, as the digital transformation potentialize, the online banking in general is getting an increasing adherence. 


However, for many, the banking online benefits are not so clear yet. This speaks a lot of a conservative way of thinking and a fair distrust in new ways of dealing with money. To transfer funds in a remote way asks for sound information and the younger generation deals with a gap of learning in many issues with the evidence of the internet option 

Easy and comfort way of dealing with finances 

Therefore, online banks offer a simplified operation and a caring communication specially when it comes to online bank accounts and its tools: 

  • checking account – bank statement/balance 
  • creating or canceling credit card 
  • apply money in savings accounts 
  • customer satisfaction forms  

Online migration is a process  

The functionality and configuration details of each bank and each type of account vary a lot, and with them, the specific instructions to navigate in both desktop and mobile bank platforms. But, in general, the actions will be patronized and similar, as the need to simplify this language is clear 


This is because not only there are a lot of people that do not even know what an app store is, but most of them uses this door just to access entertainment applications. In another words, online banking is gradually getting to people’s life as the internet is a growing factor we depend upon, mostly in the post-2020 era. But organically the adherence to the mobile app version of bank operations would take a longer time to be considered consistent enough and in a massive way.  

Technology and Online Security  

Tech inclusion is one of many points that divide countries, socially and economically speaking. And in U.S this is no different. The access to internet is crucial, as though is the ability to meet information and taking part in the online world.  


Besides, the possibility of cyberattacks are always there, so the constant fear of those who do not change to online operations financially speaking is not random, but one need to search for the right and safer way before starting anyway.  


It is indeed possible to invest and move funds with the help of the internet – even if it is an exception – without getting caught by frauds and theft. To verify the reliability of the information, be aware of what the bank informs via email and what they not, as though as the terms and conditions of any contract you sign online.  

A little help from the Internet  

The online experience can be improved with the presence of some added features, and this will help you stay more confident about the mobile application choice or on the internet banking through your computer device. Obviously, we not always find internet so simply, especially when it comes to 4G. But the quality importance is huge. This way, the perfect performance of your online tool would happen when you have: 

  • the best internet service in your area 
  • the fastest internet 
  • good enough download speeds 
  • the choice that best suits your daily needs on the list of internet plans 


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Written By: Erika Yukari

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