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Have you turned up for the best internet provider in your area?

Posted On     Wednesday, November 4th, 2020

Today, one cannot deny the importance of the internet and the benefits it gives us in our daily life. People these days are looking for the best internet providers in their area who can give them the uninterrupted services of internet streaming to their homes. The fast internet is the need that everyone desires for.


Some providers may although give good services, but their prices are so high that gives us thought to whether opt for or not. Also, the basic needs of the internet cannot be ignored. But with CleverPing, stop worrying about such dissatisfaction. It has collaborated with the most reputed and best internet providers that not only deliver you the fast internet but also at the affordable prices.

Leading internet offers

The entire services from the internet providers are so reliable for you to count on. Let’s have more insight into the services from CleverPing so that you may get ease to select your plan.

  • The services from Verizon starts from $ 39 per month if you want to have only the internet services for your home. The internet speed on which you will work on is 100 Mbps. You can rely on such speed with a one-year price guarantee and with no annual contracts. Plus, you will get a $ 50 prepaid visa card.
  • Another service from Verizon include the entertainment services added to the internet. The TV and internet services at just $ 79 per month. Furthermore, get a one-year Netflix subscription included in this plan. It will give you a one-year price guarantee with this offer.
  • Seize the best offer from the Verizon which comprise the home phone, TV and the internet services all included at the cost of $ 79 per month. This is offered with a two-year price guarantee and Netflix subscription for one year.


Search for the best internet provider in your area by providing your zip code. If you have freshly moved to a new area, then search by entering the zip code, “the best internet providers in my area”. The comparison tool will provide you with the list of the best internet providers that will be available near you. Compare the packages, features and prices and select the one that suits you the most. There are no annual contracts, therefore, you never have to worry about the change in the monthly prices.

Select the internet speed that is appropriate to you

The internet speeds vary from 20 Mbps to 1000 Mbps providing you good coverage for connecting 5 to unlimited devices with such a fast connection. Download your favourite shows to watch them later. Getting a fast internet for your home or office is just a call away. Select your plans and make them ready with you with free installation service.


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Written By: Erika Yukari

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