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What is the difference between Streaming and Broadcasting? 

Posted On     Wednesday, April 28th, 2021

To everyone that still have doubts – consciously or not – about the differences between live tv, streaming and other kinds of watching tv, here is a special content for you! 

Ready to a TV Glossary? The text below intends to expose the various concepts that are used to describe some common forms to deliver tv services nowadays. Other than that, we are going to add some terms that can be often mixed up with them.  

Live Streaming

As its own name says, it is the final recorded and broadcasted content that go on air trough internet service’s signal at the same time. That means, this process does not depend on any pre-recording process, and it can be done through equipment such as webcams, phone, professional cameras, etc.

  smiling woman starting a podcast


It is the method or technology of receiving and transmitting data (such as audio and video) over the internet in a continuous flow.  


It means, in other words, delivering any type of content to mobile or computer devices and playing them at the same time. Some examples are music, TV shows, podcasts, movies, etc.  


Today, the streaming television service can be considerate under its highest peak in market terms. Internet plans designed by ISPs and pricing channels processes are being influenced by the New Technological Television Trends, of which streaming is a protagonist.  


To include this on their offer’s menu, companies started to suggest not only the already known tv and internet bundles but also some streaming subscriptions as FREE or paid features of their tv packages to give their clients more options.  

broadcast equipment

Broadcasting or Live Transmission  

Differently from the previous term, it is an action in which different kinds of media are used to broadcast or distribute audio or visual content that is transmitted over airwaves and worked through satellite.  


It can be pre-recorded or live, but as it is transmitted in a closed space, the transmitter needs to get the right to publish it on a radio or tv channel. Therefore, it is also a more expensive way to transmit than the live streaming, as it cannot be done by the internet.  

woman oresenting live webinar


Live Webinars, Workshops, Interactive Audience Webinars or the traditional: What is your preference when it comes to virtual learning? For people that love seminars, conferences and presentations, this is the most interesting way to transmit audiovisual content.  


The webinars are hybrid concepts between seminars and webcasts (one-to-many presentation that can be live or pre-recorded), and today there are much software’s made specially to improve this possibility to share online media.  

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Written By: Larissa Bernardes

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