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The Streaming TV Trend’s Growth  

Posted On     Wednesday, June 2nd, 2021

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In the pandemic era the world is living, the act of changing from a traditional tv to the streaming tv. Cabled or boxed televisions got even more old fashioned in the tv industry when tv plan companies added the tv and internet bundles into their offers’ menu. 

live tv on mobile

Live Tv 

The arrival of innovative and cheaper tv services such as the live tv have transformed the relationship customers build with the audiovisual content. 


Watching tv for free, enjoying popular and the newest content in real time as it is streamed from your own household comfort is the central coin of the live broadcasted television. Ironically, the live content is free and asks for no subscription or contract. 


Although the tv channel era did not end yet, most people are usually staying connected through an internet service all day – especially in times of social distancing protocols – the on-demand model seems much more attractive. 

Affordability Issue 

Pricing got to be a central filter factor for customers all around the world, as the internet access got expanded. 


The more affordable and equally distributed is the network infrastructure in a given place, the less consumers will be willing to pay to expensive channel counts. 


This means premium channel companies had to deliver new products to solve the pricing channels problem. 

Streaming Exclusiveness 

Even if you are not a tv series fan or a sports game heavy watcher, you may have felt at least once your entertainment routine would be optimized by a streaming service subscription. 


Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and other companies are today in a non-stop production rhythm that put common tv players (or major competitors) in a rush for even more original content delivering. 


More than having a double tv in our place, a lot of consumers option to cut the cable cords and stay only with the streaming, as the consume behavior changed a lot, not only in the generation perspective but also when considering other social and economic features of each group of individuals. 

How to begin 

The stream starter pack consist in: 

  • A fast enough connection: try to compare internet plans in your area and find the one that is affordable but also good enough for your streaming tv needs. 
  • A gaming console or a Smart TV. The third option would be… 
  • A streaming device: they are portable equipment that can give you access to more than one streaming service. Plus, they made easier for the user to travel in the streaming application. 

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Written By: Erika Yukari

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