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A long, hectic day at work can leave you sapped. And with hardly any energy left, you may feel stressed. Thus, it becomes crucial to relax. And today, watching TV is one of the most common and popular ways for people to unwind.


Today, a large amount of TV content provides us with great information, increases our knowledge, and makes us laugh. Everybody has that one movie or television show which always brightens up your mood and makes you feel happy. That’s why life without television is, perhaps, unimaginable and it has rightly become an inescapable part of our society.


That said, much of television is delivered to our households by satellite and cable companies in the form of TV packages. And to get the most out of today’s amazing TV content, it’s more important than ever to have reliable TV services from a renowned provider.

So if you’re someone in the U.S. looking for some phenomenal packages for your household, get connected to one of CleverPing’s provider partners. CleverPing has partnered with some of the biggest brands in cable and satellite TV to offer some of the best options in your area. What’s more, there are additional perks some of CleverPing’s providers offer to enhance your TV experience. See below for five of them!

Get the Channels You Want

Spanish Package- Enjoy your favorite Spanish channels such as ESPN Deportes and Discovery en Espanol when you add the Spanish tier to your current package.


International Channels - Watch your favorite movies, top news, and more international TV content with the best international channels. With some of CleverPing’s providers, you can get international channels in 20 different languages that include programming from South Asian (Hindi), Italian, Korean, Portuguese and Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese).


Sports Packages - Some of CleverPing’s providers bring you the finest in professional sports. Choose among favorites like NBA league pass, MLB Extra Innings, Fox Soccer Plus and more.

Two Year Price Guarantee

Frontier Communications is a renowned service provider with CleverPing that offers a 2-year price guarantee option on some of its packages. So when you sign up with Frontier packages, the base rate of your plan won’t change for a complete two years.

Free Installation

Many service providers charge a fee during a tech visit for installation of equipment. But with some of CleverPing’s providers, the installation charge is waived.


So are you ready to choose one of CleverPing’s providers? All you need to do is this: Enter the Zip code of your address to check for the service providers in your area. After that, select a plan that’s right for your household.

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