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A podcast is a on demand shared audio program which, often, has a regular launch of new episodes. Listeners should make a subscription or follow the program to keep up with the schedule of updated content and, by that, join their loyal public.  


Previously known as audio blogging, the act of producing a podcast is full of details, even if the final material can seem so simple and lined up. As are radio programs, one must start from pre-producing, scripting, researching, interviewing, editing and, finally, recording the final file to be released online.  


But podcasts as we know today started after the advent of internet connections and digital audio streaming devices as iPod, back to 2004. 


As unlimited data support began to spread and internet options got more many even in rural areas, also the podcast production model was popularized and cable tv seemed each day and older device for different generations.  

Fast growth  

The monthly price of cable and satellite internet started to decrease and the streaming service, be it for tv or audio, got to a major public all around the world.  


The more people would listen to podcasts, the bigger was the number of creators trying to differentiate their product to potential listeners.  


Surely, any internet connection would allow you to listen to a podcast episode, but for a more comfortable experience, a good internet service and fast speeds would be indispensable.  

Variety of themes 

As the audio model is more malleable than the video, all kinds of productions appeared. And this includes the budget involved. Scholars, local, and amateur podcasts can be easily done if you had what it is needed.  


With the social media boom, a lot of content producers also migrated to the audio choice, or just added this media to their list.  


Them, the styles of podcasts would mostly divide into: 

  1. Informative 
  2. Educational 
  3. Entertaining 

And, about the topics touched in those many kinds of recordings, some would be: 

  1. Fantasy/Gaming/Science Fiction 
  2. Comedy 
  3. News/Interviews 
  4. Curiosity 
  5. Travel 
  6. Health 
  7. History, Politics, Law, Marketing, Languages, Philosophy, and other specialties  
  8. Real stories from common people 
  9. Meditation 
  10. Opinion 
  11. Discussion with guests 

And the list goes on, as the universe of themes is infinite and human curiosity is not an easy feature to be depleted.  

The name 

Where the name "podcast" came from? Well, this suggestion was given by the journalist Ben Hammersley when he wrote for The Guardian in 2004 that the incipient technology could be easily called by this term. For him, "podcasting" would describe well the automatic download and synchronization of audio content. After this, he registered a lot of domains related to this word.  

List of podcasts 

As 2020 was an uncommon year for many, and the indoor and alone time were frequent, here are some podcasts suggestions to improve even more your free time and relax while listening to useful content. Enjoy it: 

  1. Nice White Parents 
  2. The Heart  
  3. Home Cooking 
  4. Rabbit Hole 




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