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Smart Home Guide for Beginners 

Posted On     Friday, April 9th, 2021

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Connected or smart home concepts are related to the home automation system that is capable of controlling indoor appliances such as lighting, climate, electronic, chicken, access, internet, and home security systems.  


Although early home automation began with simpler machines that targeted saving domestic labor, such as electric washing machines and dishwashers, with the Digital Era arrival this industry got more sophisticated.  


With the technology industry evolution, many things have changed. Currently, a home assistant can usually control other devices remotely even from a simple mobile app as a central hub to simplify the user experience.  

Internet and High-Tech 

In these cases, they are also using the same internet source, being connected devices that are an important share of the Internet of Things trend in the contemporary technology.  


About four years ago, in 2017, 18% of American residences were already automatized. From 2020 to 2025, the worldwide smart home industry is expected to grow 25% and 86% if millennials would pay more to connected home systems. 


Why smart devices are so attractive to the public? Because time is money and we want to keep up with as many things as possible without losing our main values: family, health, security, home and leisure, for example. 


Other than that, in terms of rea state investment, it is a really great thing to add connected devices to a standard home as the final price will increase and this is a future trend. 

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How they work  

Therefore, the smart houses industry played a major step by giving customers gadgets that are real remote controls to key features inside their domestic life. Looking only to those clients that focus on home security services that can relate to smart home assistants, some of them most common gadgets available in the market would be: 

  • doorbell camera  
  • false alarms  
  • secure cameras with night vision and motion detector  
  • smart lighting devices for front doors  
  • outdoor cameras 
  • door and window sensors  

Other applications and technologies that can be controlled by home automation systems are: 

  • heating, ventilation, air quality control, air conditioning  
  • home energy 
  • pet and baby care 
  • smart or connected cooking  
  • voice control (Alexa, Google Home, etc.) 

Brands and Market  

Today, in the United States, Amazon occupies the first position in the leading smart devices market, although its share dropped from 72.9% in 2019 to 69.7% in this year. Still, it is ahead of the second player, which is Google, that holds a 31.1% of market share, according to Digital Trends. 


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Written By: Erika Yukari

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