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A simple internet service provider guide

Posted On     Wednesday, December 16th, 2020

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An internet service provider or ISP is an institution that hands services for accessing and navigating on the Internet. These groups are, in simpler words, a bridge to the internet access, and, consequentially, to every information and data available online.


The ISP’s are divided in some organizational categories, being the most common:

  1. private
  2. non-profit

Connection Type

Also, the service providers can offer different types of internet connections. This criterion is going to define in which way the internet will be accessed. They are:

  1. Dial up
  2. Digital Subscriber Line or DSL
  3. Cable Internet
  4. Wireless Internet
  5. Satellite Internet

Overall, all the internet services providers have particularities that can make them interesting for a user need. A cheap internet is, sometimes, the priority. For others, and depending on where you live, the upload speeds are the main concern.


But, for those who are looking independently for their first or newest internet technology likewise for people that use an isp finder, the coverage area might be a crucial information before choosing the best broadband.

ZIP Codes matter a lot

To understand how this deciding factor works, we must know the two main types of providers per coverage area. The location is a huge factor when searching for the best internet provider and its offers. So, it is important for you to know, in the first place, the most common providers available in the United States:

  1. national isp
  2. local isp

AT&T Corporation, for example, is a multinational internet service provider much known in the US territory. Its name is the abbreviations of American Telephone and Telegraph and, during its history, it was the biggest telephone and cable TV company of the world.


But there are some popular brands among the local ISPs (internet service providers), such as Xfinity, which is known for attractive pricing plans and CenturyLink. To ease costumer’s life and bring more sales opportunities, a vast number of both local and national internet providers chose to offer more than the broadband connection.

Blogger, Cellphone, Office, Business, NotebookHome services bundled

Commonly, companies like Verizon, Spectrum and Frontier Communications have other services available individually or bundled with the Internet service, which is the business flagship.


Overall, buying more than one home service will help the client saving money, and they can also get other type of benefits choosing a package.

Comparing Internet Service Providers

But, in general, specifications as costumer service quality, internet speeds available, plan pricing and costumer evaluation will vary a lot and a good research is never dispensable.


Before looking randomly on the internet for the best isp available, you should put your zip code or address in a specialized platform that can inform a list of providers and its services.


This organized visualization is key to a good decision process involving buying a new internet service, and will guide you based on your location, which is vital to find an isp that works for you in the first place.

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Written By: Larissa Bernardes

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