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Should I Bundle TV, Internet and Phone?

Posted On     Tuesday, March 30th, 2021

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Having to change telecommunications services subscriptions too many times is the perfect nightmare of any customer. Although in the last decade the percentage of Americans that could access broadband increased from about 70% to more than 90%, having a vast market showcase certainly make the home services buying experience more active.


Bundling products’ history

TV, Internet, Phone and Mobile users are constantly being exposed to newness and changes that come from the Tech industry and being updated with what is best is a challenge. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) look for what is a universal advantage: offer in which you can save money.  


However, many clients wish specific features when searching for Telecom services. Premium channel, fixed pricing, a good customer service, no contracts subscriptions, having higher internet speeds or just guarantying their favorite football programs will be available on the tv


 package, which is the sports fans case.  


Because of the increased competition, companies that offer tv service and other started to select products that seemed interesting to their public and created bundle products and services options. In other terms, the old TV and internet packages only became less than what would be satisfactory considering the scenario. So new combined components emerged.  

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For example, when you view TV plans available, a lot of channels are bought from different sources (MTV, ESPN, for e.g.) by the distributor (AT&T, DirecTV, for e.g.). Therefore, even if you are not going to watch all of the channel lineup, it is more economic and practical for both parts to join popular contents on a single tv plan. 


Bundles also function for different kinds of services. Customers often see price, availability and quality as priorities to choose what to buy for their household needs. Other than those factors, seasonable promotions, reputation, customer service and speeds offered are also highly considered when some searches for these services.  


The product bundling works such as a value meal. A phone service, TV plan and fixed network can all be purchased from one company, which makes the process easier and concentrate monthly bills. By choosing a single provider for services, one avoids making several and different contacts to customer services and technical support in case it is needed.  

Bundles’ Benefits

Bundling has been researched for more than 40 years. Cable companies were the first to offer this kind of deal in most markets, to keep landline customers even if their main interest had turn into TV and broadband services.  


Its commercial names can be gifts, package deals, collections, etc. As the practice got popular between home services providers, today one will need to compare tv and internet bundles to see what fits best. Bundles often are presented with special conditions, such as no early termination fee, fixed pricing, free installations, discounts for first customers, etc. Overall, the main benefits of bundles are: 

  • Saving money: a bundled product will usually be 7-15% cheapest than buying the individual items in question in a separately way. They may be accompanied by discounts.  
  • Convenience: bundled tend to offer a better efficiency roll of solutions. One product of service can be complementary to the other, for example. Extra services are also a frequent advantage bundle client get.  

Types of Bundle 

  • Double Play 
  • Triple Play 
  • Quadruple Play 

Providers that offer bundles 

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Written By: Erika Yukari

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