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Short Technology Glossary: Get To Know Some Meanings  

Posted On     Wednesday, January 20th, 2021


There are many science fields nonprofessionals have difficulties to fully understand due to many technical terms and words used to describe concepts and products. 


Health, Architecture, Physics are known to scare students and general learners, but the most prominent area that tend to be a hustle in a daily basis is Technology.  


Real life  

The main reason people experience obstacles to deal with a technological equipment is the unfamiliarity with the mechanics and functionality of different systems. Telecommunication itself involve a technical knowledge most of the population does not hear about until they must deal with it directly.  


Customers support systems work hard to fill this gap, but, in many cases, smaller problems can be solved by simply searching solutions on the Internet. Most self-learners choose to Google their issues so they can save money or time with their device’s problems, such as home phone or home internet. 


Especially for those users that must deal with new Wi-Fi or tv packages after moving, it is important to take a look at the surface of the knowledge related to how technology works and how to get the best of it. 



High Tech  

Also known as frontier technology because of its advanced features, the high technology arising changed a lot of thing in the machinery available in the market.  


This means some things got easier and more friendly to the users, but also a lot of innovation may have confused the public when it comes to get to know devices in a closed manner. The voice remote or speech recognition system and the smart devices are an example of this industry creations.  


As high tech means the opposite of low technology (more old-fashioned versions), also its pace is a faster one. Actually, there is not a more advanced type of technology around us today.  

A kind glossary  

Therefore, to prevent you from getting stuck with common tech problems and give a proper hand to troubles that involve technical vocabulary in this area, take a look at the technology dictionary sample bellow.  


The next frequently-used words are used in an essential level the telecommunication market to describe services, products, categories, systems, and other things that are present in almost every internet plan customer today.  

  1. Algorithm: as a part of the computational thinking of digital technologies, which are currently in a golden era,  
  2. Bandwidth: is the higher capacity of data transfer of an internet service or a network.  
  3. Blockchain: a digital record used to build a structured and recorded list of many transactions, such as cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether). These transactions are monitored by a peer-to-peer network throughout multiple computers, which make this a decentralized scheme, enhancing the content safety.  
  4. LAN and Ethernet: abbreviation to Local Area Network, LAN is a system that guarantees that computer devices stay connected to the same line and wireless link. Ethernet is the most common way to connect to a LAN system, also known to deliver a simple interface for multiple connections between devices.  
  5. Server: is a part of the computer hardware of software that make it possible for other programs or devices to function properly. It can share data or resources to its “clients” or devices in a centralized system.  

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Written By: Erika Yukari

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