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How Are Seniors Getting Digital in 2021? 

Posted On     Monday, June 7th, 2021

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It is easier to pay via Internet

See how close elders are of the broadband technology and what are the main trends in the internet usage today. 


One of the first differences one may perceive between the old and the “new seniors” is the way this generation relates to the technology. Advanced systems such as washing machines, refrigerators, vehicles, and satellite internet are inventions that could not be even imagined some decades ago.  


This timeline separation puts elder citizens of 60 years old or such in front of new realities. And a growing number of them are adopting the internet connections as a resource to run daily activities such as physical exercises and work.  

Some of the reasons this increase are: 

  • the life expectancy of the world’s elderly population is growing 3% each year, according to the U.N.  
  • the access to technological solutions is gradually and improving in general.  
  • seniors look for life quality and many tech services will deliver it.  

Cognitive Aspects  


When we look to the right result to queues such as “internet providers in my area” in search engine machines, we expect technology companies to be thoughtful of our preferences and needs.  


With the elder people, this is no different. Therefore, UX writers and designers, TI and Communication professionals of the contemporary market look to create solutions in the user experience field.  


The idea is to create technology products that will be at the same time effective and pay attention to these aspects, thinking from the user’s place. 

elder happy in front of computer

Friendly Design 


With an inclusive and universal Design, there is a need to raise awareness by different audiences during the design process – with seniors, more than ever, part of this context.  


Larger fonts and click areas, color contrast gauge, attention to overuse of screen elements, and clear usage information are a few examples that can facilitate the use of digital products for the elderly. 


Furthermore, many solutions can, more than include senior users, help them get through life more easily. 


To give some examples, check bellow 6 types of popular and common online services that can be helpful for senior citizens, be them new to the digital world or not: 

  • delivery services 
  • health devices and applications 
  • communication and socials (messaging applications, phone calling, video calling) 
  • entertainment  
  • finance management (online banking, financial solutions) 
  • home security systems 

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Written By: Erika Yukari

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