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How Does Satellite Internet Work? 

Posted On     Thursday, May 6th, 2021

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As you may have noticed, the internet is constantly evolving at great speed. It is inserted in our daily life, connecting us to a universe of information in a few seconds. That is why, as new internet plans customers emerge from all over the world, it is necessary to expand coverage and ways of connecting in order to meet all this demand. 

Rural areas connectivity  

In large cities, new connections are created quickly. However, in more remote locations or in rural areas, the internet has a more difficult connection due to the deficit in cabling. A common rural resident, especially if living in low densely populated locations, often asks “which internet providers near me can deliver the speeds or features I am looking for?”. 


The broadband internet via satellite had great opportunity from this challenge, taking a fast and stable connection to regions where access did not yet exist. Understand more about how the technology works. 


How satellite internet works? 

Satellite internet offers two-way data transfer rates (receiving and sending data) similar to most broadband services. However, instead of the data passing through cables, they are transmitted at a much higher speed by a satellite, which has a direct connection to the antenna that provider’s users has at home. 


What is needed to use it 

To use this service, it is necessary to have a device that converts the satellite internet signal into data so that the devices are connected. The difference is that, when using satellite broadband, you need two devices: one that converts the signal and another that propagates it through your home, in addition to the satellite dish. 


Satellites were once seemed as tools to make radio equipment run. And they do it too today, but their functions went wild, as the data transmitting data capacity transcended to other areas with the arrival of the internet. Now cars, GPSs, mobile phones and other devices can also enjoy the satellite services.  


World widely, people are getting more and more used to services based on internet connections such as Uber, Lift and other mobility startups. This also applies to delivery and e-commerce, which have helped the digital boom to solidify as well as the marketing efforts. 


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Written By: Erika Yukari

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