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How to find safe and reliable sites to shop?

Posted On     Thursday, December 10th, 2020

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The holidays are becoming closer with the end of the year, and with this, a lot of people tend to increase the consume of products on and offline. Although the year of 2020 presented many unprecedent surprises, offering gifts to dear ones is a habit that we are culturally attached to. And in this historical moment, it is possible that the online shopping will grow in a wide and inedited way, given the health precautions that ask social isolation and restrict shopping malls openings 

Common Concern 

When it comes to e-commerce, not just the elder but also any internet user will think, first, in security. How to find trustworthy online store? How to avoid cybercrimes like personal and financial data theft?  


During the holiday season, those are important questions to be answered as soon and as loudly as possible, considering that there are many buyers that do not take the necessary precautions or shopping in a rush because they do not want to lose a promotion deadline. In general, hackers and scammers can take advantage of this current distraction to practice cyber frauds. But it can be avoided.  

Necessary Measures 

Be it by your mobile device or in a laptop, there are some critical things we all need to have in mind before pressing the finalizing button of an online acquisition. They are going to prevent the buyer from typical traps and orient you how to enjoy the best benefit of an online purchase: being in the comfort of your home. Afterall, this is the advantage target by those who use their Wi-Fi signal to resolve daily issues on the internet.  

Digital Identity  

Since an enormous number of people is connected an internet signal, be it 4G, wireless or via satellite, digital identity became a theme not only to the users individually but also to companies when it comes to cyber security and data storage. In other words, the legal use of personal information as name and address is a valuable and prerequisite ability of businesses and websites that are pursuing costumers online.  

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So, if you want to learn how to spot potential risks and shop online in a safe manner, the tips above will be extremely useful: 

  1. Choose the reputable sellers 
    he first advice is the most obvious one. Shop in online stores that you already know – or someone recommended to you. It is essential to research about previous costumers’ opinion or other online evaluations available just for this kind of doubt about the companies. Also, before adding something to your chart, be sure that the site is the legit one, and not a false imitation of it.  
  2. Do not believe in any sale
     And we know that there are some impossible ones. This means that sometimes amazing deals can and will be unauthentic or malicious. Be aware of false promises and make sure to read the terms and conditions of any sale that you sign into.  
  3. Browse on a computer and Wi-Fi that you know
    Avoid public Wi-fi to shop and use a virtual private network (VNP) you navigate.  
  4. Check the site security
     This is possible looking at the lock icon in the browser bar, which will verify if the site use SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption. Or, if the URL starts with “https” rather than “http,” it is a safer one.  


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Written By: Erika Yukari

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