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Create your personalized routine to excel in online studies  

Posted On     Saturday, December 19th, 2020


In addition to hoping for a good internet connection throughout the day, many people are trying to find a way to stay focused at a time when everything and everyone is concentrated at home.

In a quick search on YouTube, it is possible to find a multitude of tips from laymen and experts, sharing their opinions on what to do to sit in the chair and be able to make the time to study be more productive.

Without judging right or wrong, each of these people bases his methodologies on his personal repertoire – it is worth remembering that it is always important to seek the accuracy of information before replicating it around. 


With that in mind, we will help you find what can be optimized in your online study routine. Plus, be aware of your internet speeds. Your study area must be as stable as possible, so consider changing your home internet service if you are dealing with any problems So, open your note-taking app and follow here. 

Set a schedule 

One of the habits that help a lot to keep your attention during your studies is the creation and maintenance of your favorite agenda, planner or board. Since we are talking about the online environment, the internet has many tools that help you when organizing. 


There are the most operational apps and those that act as an extra stimulus for those who have more difficulty staying away from social networks and distractions from the digital environment. Applications that allow you to manage, edit and share files, in addition to planning studies, include: 

  • Trello
  • Monday
  • Google Keep
  • Google Drive
  • Google Calendar
  • Note apps (on Windows, iOS and Android)
  • Evernote
  • Notion
  • Cloud storage
  • Office pack 
  • Microsoft To Do

Among the countless existing ones, these are the most used apps both by those who work and study at home, as they offer many tools for managing and accessing files on different types of devices.

However, if your problem is exactly being distracted by smartphone notifications, arriving all the time, it is easy to find applications and extensions for browsers that temporarily hide messages, entertainment applications such as games, as well as social networks and websites listed by user. 


The virtual environment, mainly, through computers that manage to multitask, requires a certain self-control, but this is something that can be exercised over time, without having to be a reason for despair. 

Schedule breaks 


As in the face-to-face environment, the online study schedule should include spaces dedicated to breaks, with different purposes. It is necessary to take breaks for food, leisure activities and stretching, especially after a long time in the same position. 


It may seem strange to spend half an hour playing with your pet in the middle of the day but inserting spontaneous activities during the study period helps the mind to support a rhythm of performance without so much stress and self-recovery.

Only those who have spent hours in a row studying for the entrance exam know the unwanted feeling of not having space in the head for anything else, even impairing access to the information that was supposedly absorbed during the study. 

Share your performance 


The school environment is usually a place of exchange. This is part of human coexistence and has a fundamental role in learning. However, it is not because you are studying at home that you need to do it yourself.

In this respect, the internet can stop being a distraction to become a meeting place and enhance learning. In social networks, there are many groups of specific themes, which allow the discussion of subjects and a different interaction with each type of theme.

You don’t have to look at books and websites all the time. Remember the apps? There are many of them focused on educational themes, bringing subjects not so loved, such as mathematics, in an intuitive and pleasant way. 


Some of them work as games, in which users end up fighting for the degree of knowledge in different subjects, within a relaxed environment. Obviously, they cannot be used as the sole source of study, but they add in the quality of content absorption. Moreover, an essential question you must make before these activities is: is there a good internet for me here? 

Keep in touch 

Video calls have become part of the routine of most people, who have started to use different communication platforms to feel close to each other and adapt daily practices, such as attending classes and having meetings.

An attitude that has been more common and can be a way out for those who don’t like this more individual contact with the contents is the creation of study groups. When dividing your process, doubts and new perspectives on a certain topic may arise, improving learning. 



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Written By: Larissa Bernardes

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