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Most Common Types of Mobile Plans  

Posted On     Monday, June 28th, 2021

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Using mobile data to navigate on the internet to search for important information, communicate with others or enjoy entertaining mobile apps is each day more indispensable activity in one’s routine.  

Be it on urban or rural locations, the home phone service is often not enough to cover Telecommunications customers’ needs. The reason cellular phones have grown so much in the technology industry is related to the fact that people gain power as they can easily move through the space.  

Improving Mobility and Creating Solutions  

Mobility is a current and a future theme to our generations in the Earth, and features such as the high-speed internet and the advances the way mobile phone users call each other are gradually improving the relationship between humans and the world they occupy.  

Some examples of these solutions would be: 

  • call waiting  
  • VoIP services  
  • international calling  

Familiar Mobile Plans  

In the market-customer perspective, there are also a lot of solutions created in the last decades. Family cell phone plans, for example, allow you to share your benefits with other dependents. 

In other words, you can share with your family: the amount of internet, unlimited calls and SMS, unlimited access to apps and other benefits of the chosen plan. 

These plans are ideal for those who want savings and convenience, as they are usually cheaper than individual offers and the charge is sent in a single invoice. 

Business Plans 

This is a big trend nowadays, that tend to keep in a high as it facilitates a lot of entrepreneur’s life. Business cell phone plans are offers that can be contracted by those who have a company. 

Despite being aimed at companies, these offers can also be contracted for your personal use, as they can be advantageous for discounts. 

Typically, corporate mobile internet plans have unlimited messaging apps and more focus on Unlimited Calls + SMS and Free National Roaming. 

However, most of these offers have a minimum loyalty period of 12 months and a fine in case of cancellation before the deadline. 

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Bundle Packages  

When combining more than one service in the same bill, such as home security, TV, internet, phone service for home and other, the customer contract what is called a bundle deal.  

They can be classified as triple play, double play, pure, mixed or joint. They usually attract new customers as this option come with a special discount in comparison to the purchase of the services separately. 

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Written By: Erika Yukari

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