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How to save with your mobile internet plan 

Posted On     Tuesday, April 13th, 2021

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High-speed internet and heavy data consuming are some strong trends in the digital era. But also keeping those habits cost a lot and saving is never too much.


To help the consumer cut expenses with cell phone plans and internet services without giving up quality, check up some innovative ideas 

  1. Analyze your consumption profile

To save on wireless services, you need to understand what your personal or business profile looks like. This means that you need to reflect on how you have used your communication channels throughout the day, what types of services you use most, and which are not that important. 


Some people join your social networks only at certain times of the day. Others are online all the time, interacting with family and friends. 


There are also those who like to take the time in traffic, inside the bus, to watch a series or listen to music on online services. 


The important thing is to identify how you access the internet, for what purpose and at what times of the day. This helps to cut unnecessary expenses and choose a plan that best fits your needs. You may use unlimited data plans without really needing it or the opposite.  


  1. Consider the number of accesses needed

When we think about access to the network, we cannot disregard the cases in which it will be shared among several people, which is common on big families or major businesses.  


So, it can be in a home or even in a company. A house with four people can be of low use when a good part of the inhabitants spends a lot of time outside, needing only a more basic plan that will offer a unique mobile hotspot. 


But if several people use the internet at the same time or if one of the members likes to spend several hours in online games, for example, consumption will be high. 


The volume of use interferes with the speed and quality of the signal, so be careful to choose the right package. 


  1. Hire a suitable service package

After analyzing your needs better, you should research the offers to be able to find the best price and quality. 


The point of attention is in the types and quantities of services offered. If you need to be connected 24 hours a day, then you will need a data pack for your cell phone that offer 5g signaling. 


On the other hand, the fixed internet is also important if you and your family spend a lot of time at home. To ensure that you will have a quality service, research the coverage and the type of technology used by the operator. 


Currently, there are many companies that offer fiber optic and radio internet in more remote locations, as well as other advantages, depending on the region. 


So, compare the internet plans in your city, notice from which value the plans are starting on average and see which is the best cost-benefit for you! 


  1. Consider your need for mobility

Some people depend on internet access outside the home and office to carry out their personal and professional activities. 


Whether to meet with a client or to monitor children’s day, mobile internet is essential in many cases. It helps those who travel for work or even for leisure. 


For this reason, the places that you frequent the most should also be considered, as some tend to have problems with signal coverage, being attended by few or only one of the operators. 


So, this can weigh when choosing the plan for the cell phone. If your daily access is done by cell phone, a practical alternative is to invest in a more robust data package, with a more basic broadband internet plan at home. The best strategy will depend on each profile. 


  1. Negotiate all services at once

Another tip that directly influences service prices is negotiation. For those who need diverse services, such as broadband, mobile data, landline and pay TV, trying to close a bundle offer for everything can be cheaper in some cases. 


Operators offer several ready-made or even customized packages, in which it is possible to close contracts with services, according to the contractor’s need. The point here is to thoroughly research each option and compare both the values and the benefits offered. 


  1. Don’t hire beyond what you really need

An important care: do not hire anything other than what you will use. It seems like obvious advice, but many people end up getting carried away by the seller when closing deals and do not realize that they are paying for something that is not necessary. 


Focus on your profile and do not be tempted to take an additional service for a small fee. If the intention is to have more savings during the month, these add-ons are exactly the first to be removed from your consumption accounts. Try to negotiate the exchange of this “bonus” for a discount or something else that makes more sense for you. 


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Written By: Erika Yukari

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