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Major 2021 TV Services’ Trends 

Posted On     Thursday, April 29th, 2021


Even if you are not a potential customer now, it is an important thing to be aware of the latest television technology and services’ trends, to keep up with the best offers and innovations that are in the market.  

 human eye seeing the future of television

Usually, people are used to ask more common questions, such as “what tv packages are available in my area?”, “what tv plans are the best for me?”, “which tv channel lineup does this plan offer me?”, and so it goes.  


But it has been some decades since watching tv intensely changed. The possibility to merge audio and visual content with the internet service as a bridge to transmit data to even more people have transformed the television potential as a media.  


For the market perspective, pricing channels also got different as demand from inside households always vary based on what people need, think they need and what they already have available. It is all a matter of equilibrium.  


Internet plans know that. Phone service industry as well. Therefore, you see each day more frequently big Telecommunications companies (like Xfinity Internet, for example) adding to their offer’s menu tv and internet bundle options.  

Bundles everywhere! 

The bundling shopping trend comes in handy to the market need to solve demand gaps rapidly, not leaving specific products or services without attention while other go sold out in seconds.  


According to the 2021 U.S Internet, TV & Phone Shopping Study of BroadbandNOW Research, in 2020 78% of the households that had cable or satellite tv bought their service as part of a bundle to save money and avoid “cutting the cord in favor of streaming”. 

hologram of youtube logotype on a mobile phone screen

Stream it now! 

Ans, speaking of which, streaming is also an immensely popular and increasingly accessed technology not only in the tv market but also being explored by other universes and systems.  


Streaming apps, FiOS or streaming devices like set top box and a FiOS tv remote control and many other platforms are part of the “new normal” when it comes to multimedia tech today.  

Saying Goodbye? 

Considering there are also more old-fashioned tv options available, let us name them. With the live tv growth, companies that used to profit with the customer’s preference to premium channels selections, for example, will see some share decrease.  


Other than that, in terms of type of tv technology, the cable tv is a traditional format that can be considered the most potential and currently shrinking on the tv services industry. 

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Written By: Larissa Bernardes

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