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Most of millennials would know what a streaming service is just by the name, but even today there are a lot of people that see this concept in a cloudy way. This applies to those who watch lots of TV, but do not use the streaming’s benefit due to unfamiliarity. The streaming trend is getting so substantial, though, that it is difficult to even find TV equipment on the market that does not include this functionality.


According to a recent Deloitte study, U.S consumers are consuming streaming more than they use the traditional payed TV. This change of behavior has everything to do with the design of the product, as TV shows scripted started to be more present – in volume – in those kinds of services rather than the subscribed television since a couple of years. And people got the transition.


But, even with a lot of practical gains, the streaming is not seemed with the best eyes by some people. The argument is that the usability of the tool is low, as the options are many, so the audience get easily overwhelmed.


Truly, this is not far from reality. Streaming's services are different to navigate and enjoy when comparing with traditional TV programming, and the consumer must go through a drill phase. Overall, the first time getting to know how this kind of service works will bring some questions, which is normal even for a digital native and to everything in life.

But, once you manage to find the information and the entertainment products you seek there, the benefits start to show up. And the list of advantages of the streaming continues. Here are some of the most popular ones:

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