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Posted On     Tuesday, February 2nd, 2021

After the world was surprised by the pandemic arrival and almost every activity changed its nature due to new protocols and health issues, a lot of things went to the online space. Although, 3.6 million
people (about twice the population of Nebraska)
 around the globe do not have access to the Internet yet. 


The changes are each day faster, but this does not mean they happen equally for every social group. Power figures have a lot of influence in decisions about the future of the Technology Industry and, so, people’s life.


As tech giants and governments try to deal with factors as taxes, competition and ecology problems, trivial individuals do not usually get what is behind all the rush. By keeping up with the content being delivered thought the press and opinion makers, be aware of the news on technology what cannot seem so immediately related to your personal life, but in fact can tell a lot of our past, current and future history as users and citizens. 


Some central topics that usually get attention to the average public are: tv services, internet plans, online gaming, fiber optic interne and Wi-Fi. Check bellow some current themes being discussed and moved in between the technological field. 


  • Inclusion 

The World Economic Forum launched the EDISON Alliance (“Essential Digital Infrastructure and Services Network”), an initiative that will unite governments and companies to make the digital inclusion process more accelerated. 


The decision’s goal is to ensure an unprecedented level of intersectoral collaboration between the technology industry and other economically sensitive activities. This seems important if you look at the number of people that can pay for internet deals in the develop countries. Only half of the population in those places currently can afford a regular broadband, which change a lot in their life.  


In the new alliance formation, relevant names are included, such as Hans Vestberg, president and CEO of Verizon, who will serve as chairperson of the alliance and board, Paula Ingabire, Minister of Technology and Innovation of Rwanda, Ajay Banga, executive chairperson of Mastercard, Shobana Kamineni, executive vice president of Apollo Hospitals Group.  

  • Scientific Progress 

To get closer from one of the mysteries sciences still cannot reveal, a Spanish institution is using Machine Learning to discover more on solar cells. Researchers from the Institute of Materials Science of Barcelona, specialized on energy applications, have collaborated with researchers from the Universitat Rovira i Virgili that are specialized in Artificial Intelligence. The goal is to discover how the solar cells perform in detail and using machine learning tools to predict its functioning.  


  • Chat Messages 

WhatsApp company added biometric authentication to link phone and web accounts. The new feature also includes facial recognition and fingerprint features facial recognition and fingerprint features. This is the newest actualization of one of the most popular social media applications today.  


  • Earth Satellites 

Elon Musk and Jeff Bezzos seem to be entering each day more in a hotter disagreement involving conquering the spatial territory. In Musk side, the Starlink, launched in 2019. In Bezos side, the Project Kuiper. The goal is just one: offer satellite internet in a global scale?  


Musk ensures that Starlink progresses faster than Project Kuiper and that changes in orbits will not interfere with competitors’ systems. They both have a north American authorization to use the same space, which are low orbits of the Earth. The potential question is, in resume: which internet is the best? This is a long term answer the world will probably hear more about in the future.  


Meanwhile, a lot of scientists are concerned about the number of objects that have been in space, especially around the Earth. The accumulation seems to be a potential problem for these experts.  

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Written By: Erika Yukari

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