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How to Keep Kids Safe in the Virtual Space 

Posted On     Friday, May 7th, 2021


To learn how to protect children from the dangers of the internet, you need to know what actual the risks are. Knowing what to pay attention to and fight, it is easier to prevent children from entering certain situations. 

Let’s look at some of the main topics that may be interesting to parents, home teachers, teachers and all types of people that intend to take care of teenagers or even younger beings while they navigate online using internet service.  

Strangers on social media

By adding a stranger to his Facebook or Instagram, the child allows him to have access to information that he puts on the page by using a digital cable service or other type of network. Thus, through photos and publications, it is easy to find out where she studies, what neighborhood she lives in, what her parents’ professions are and other family habits. 

Violence and Vulnerability 

The main virtual challenge’s list is long. Data privacy, online banking safety, intellectual rights, and other topics similar as those can bring many issues to people’s routines. Cybercrimes are in the top of this list. 


Online predators are a huge concern to parents that pay high speed internet in their household and as they can recognize helpless victims and contact them through instant messaging and chat rooms. 


After the first conversation, they begin to seduce them with attention, tenderness and kindness. Thus, children come to see a friend and confidant in the individual, which can lead to dangerous encounters. 

Clicking dangerous links 

For adults, it may seem obvious that links that promise surprising things are fake, but for children, which are more naïve, not always. By clicking on them, your child will be able to leave free access for hackers to break into the electronic device and have access to a range of family information. 

Being a victim of cyberbullying 

Unfortunately, bullying is not limited to physical and verbal form. Cyberbullying has many psychological consequences for victims. With the ease of spreading information over the internet, different groups hide and slander and offend individuals. 


However, in most cases, these offenses go beyond virtual reality and reach schools, leading young people to present different psychological pathologies. 


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Written By: Erika Yukari

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